Land Rover LRX concept

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The production version of this is still supposed to become their entry level car. Whose mission will be to get younger people into the brand.
I don’t see any cuts for the bumpers in this. And trick (expensive) door handles.
So I think it might be towned down quite abit for production.
Then again, maybe not…

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  1. I bet Dochesbag Jones’s head( trust be the brain is long gone) that the interior will look the same as the LR3.
    As for the exterior, just fold a picture down the center of an LR3 to hide the second set of doors, and boom the production version of this car is born with perhaps a slightly more tilted room.

  2. Entry level? Are you sure?? Here in Europe, the Freelander is the entry to the LR range, somehow the robust opposite of what I see here.

    This concept looks quite expensive – and cleverly styled, too. Everything on the outside yells LandRover. I didn´t expect something like this from them…

  3. I agree with earlier poster, the LR3 interior will most likely to replace the gadgetry and call it a day.

    Put a Hybrid system or clean Diesel on that puppy and sign me up.

  4. The entry-level production version will definitely be toned down… a lot. Still could be a good looking car though; hope it’s reliability is better than most Land Rovers though.

  5. looks brilliant….close to production..

    …and i can find the bumper cuts vince! The front bumper and wing is a one-piece plastic piece

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