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The only one we’ll get.
Our US version should be pretty much like this.
This is already so much better looking than the new Accord. I hope it turns out to be a hit for Mazda.

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  1. VINCE-
    Yes, I agree it’s a great looking car, better than the Accord and Camry. BUT…It’s a BONEHEADED move not to bring the hatch here! Really bad decision!

  2. The new Mazda 6 makes the “new” Accord look worse than it already is. That we’ll just get the sedan (for now. Bet on that changing if the 6 sells well) is fine with me, because that’s the body style I’d get. In black with black leather, thank you very much.

  3. New Accord doesn’t seem to be moving well here in Austin. I’m on the road quite a bit each day and have seen a total of three of them (2 sedans, one coupe). Have seen the same sedans a couple times each as they are on my normal pattern of drive. Of course it may be that the new style is so dead and bland that it fades into the sea of other dead, bland cars out there. It is hideous, and Vince is right that this Mazda puts it to shame.

  4. It’s great compared to all the other sedans in the price range. It’s like comparing the great looking Mazda 3 to the Civic and Corolla. That front end is really nicely done.

  5. “The new Accord is selling like crazy in my area.”


    I’ve seen exactly one in my area.

  6. Nice looking car, but the Accord looks just as good to me.

    The Mazda might be a bit smaller–a good thing IMO because the Accord is a HUGE car now.

    The Mazda 6 does have a tail similar to the Chrysler Sebring, an ugly POS if there ever was one. So, that doesn’t do the Mazda any favors.

    In any case, the Accord will outsell the Mazda 6 many times over.

  7. There’s a rumor out there that even this 6 sedan is not the one we are getting…. this is Mondeo based… and the one we are getting is supposed to be the Fusion platform (the lengthened previous 6 platform)… so be prepared to not see even this sedan. I think C and D printed this rumor as well a month or so ago.

  8. If I remember correctly, I had heard that our Mazda 6 would not be this car, as we are getting a version based on the Fusion which is supposed to be much bigger than the European version.

  9. It was motor trend and yes our usdm mazda 6 is gonna be accord sized and 6 inches longer than the europe model mazda…. so ill hold my comment till i see the steched mazda 6 were gonna get, lets hope they dont f it up !

  10. Why is it such a bad idea to sell the Mazda sedan only when the accord and camry come in sedan forms only!?
    I just can’t understand the logic of some posters on this site!

  11. this looks like trouble to the Nissan’s Altima.
    similar styling tricks
    very similar shape
    it wont dent Honda Accord
    or Toyota’s Camry sales since a lot of their sales are repeat buyers who know and trust Hon and Toy.

  12. Car and Driver said that the US 6 will not be this car… and when this car was revealed it was stated that this car was going to use the CD-EU platform not the US CD3 platform… the CD-EU platform is the Mondeo, and the CD3 platform is Fusion.

  13. This will definitely be the best looking sedan in this segment by far. Just because honda and toyota don’t have other version doesn’t mean Mazda shouldn’t. Personally, the 6 wagon has always been great looking, I would buy one if you could find one( wagons are the non-SUV non-minivan). The hatch is also really cool, a friend has one. It doesn’t seem like it would be difficult to offer these other versions, by difficult I mean expensive, if you have already built this for the US market.

  14. The logic for selling the hatch/wagon here are precisely BECAUSE these styles aren’t offered by the Accord/Camry. If someone fancies a midsize import hatch or wagon, and doesn’t want to pay German prices, the new Mazda6 would win those customers easily.

  15. the accord and camry come in sedan forms only

    HUH What ? checks your stats before posting !!

  16. I do not trust a Ford product. I think that Volvo has gone down hill ass well. I just bought an 08 Accord. As far as looks are concerned…. It’s a nice looking car but if I wanted a Lexus… I would buy a Lexus… Not a Mazda.

  17. The 08 accord is basically a saturn LS with a honda label. toyoto copies mazda design not the other way around.

  18. For the record, the new Mazda 6 WILL NOT be built on the Mondeo’s EUCD platform. It will be built on a modified version of Ford’s CD3 platform (which underpins the current Mazda 6 as well as the Fusion, Edge, MKZ, MKX, Milan and CX-9) known as CD3 2. The CD3 2 will be used for the next generation Fusion, Edge, MKZ, MKX and Milan, as well as the upcoming Mazda 6. The CD3 2 platform will be replaced sometime early next decade by either the EUCD currently used by the Ford Mondeo in Europe, though more likely by Ford’s EUCD 2 to be used by the next gen Mondeo. Eventually 2012/13 versions of Ford’s midsize cars and crossovers, as well as the next Mazda 6, are expected to be built on this platform as Ford aligns its global product architecture. Hope this clears things up.

  19. Actually the Honda Accord and the Mazda look much the same from the profile, and that ain’t good. They both literally scream GRANDMA!!GRANDMA!!!!GRANDMA COME AND GET ME!!!!!!!!!

  20. HUH What ? checks your stats before posting !!

    Please show me a current model camry wagon or hatch that is sold in NA? same for the accord??

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