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I forgot how good looking this car was.

But before you drool, remember we’ll only get the sedan.
Not hatchback and no wagon for the US….

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  1. DAM. I hope they bring a MazdaSpeed version of this over. Any word on that Vince??

    And thanks for all you do.

  2. I like the dash design. Crisp, businesslike, and functional. Would like to see one in a lighter color, too.

    Hell of a lot better than the Accord’s freakishly droopy dash.

  3. Beautiful design, including the wheels, which are always 50% of the appearance. This is what the new CTS does not have…..

  4. The hatchback looks MUCH better than the sedan to me–especially the glass quarter window in the “C” pillar instead of the black-painted, Chrysler Sebring-styled phony design.

    The Mazda 6 sedan is nice, but the Accord is a better choice IMO.

  5. That is the nicest Japanese wagon I have ever seen.
    It is second best to the 5 series Bimmer.

    Maybe they should dump the CX-7 and offer this with optional AWD. The CX-9 will be still at the top.

    Will this also be made in Flatrock, Vince?

  6. iquack…

    Please tell me why the accord would be a better choice?

    and please don’t give me the typical perception based answers!

  7. The only thing I don’t love is the feathery look to the tail lamps. Seems like the kind of design you’d find on a Lexus ES or something Korean. It could grow on me though. Overall, the car is stunning and the wagon looks really smart. Mazda can’t make a compelling business case for the wagon or hatch stateside since they sell almost none of them. Mazda should reconsider offering the MazdaSpeed version here. The first one didn’t sell like crazy, but it wasn’t quite the perfect formula. Seems like they got it right with the MS3. I say give it another try with the 6!

  8. The only thing I don’t love is the feathery look to the tail lamps.

    That is a good way to describe them. When you drew it to my attention, I could see similarities between the taillights and Mazda’s bird-like emblem.

  9. i dont see why the hatch wouldnt be popular over here. it has more cargo room, and if you tell someone who knows nothing about cars, theyd be hard pressed to notice it from the sedan. its not like the hatch looks dorky or anything

    this has got me really upset. but yeah, i like the interior (even if some people say its cheap) it isnt “puffy” looking like the new accord and camry

  10. It seems the reason the Hatch and Wagon didn’t sell well was because of marketing….I know yes…they always advertised all 3 together….but they never managed the right individual tactics with each vehicle when it came to recognizing it against the competition….you can’t advertise all the same models of a car in a commercial and expect them all to sell the same…..I don’t think they really put forth their best effort. The advertising was Sedan Centric….which is why it sold more….so basically the US marketing killed off the hatch and wagon… :/

  11. The U.S. consumer has been brought up to believe that hatchbacks are low-rent. With only a couple exceptions, like the mini and the GTI, hatchbacks have always tended to be associated with economy cars. Europeans generally have been accustomed to a variety of hatchbacks and smaller cars in configurations we don’t see here.

    Even though the 6 looks good as a hatchback, it’s a little more utilitarian while the sedan is a bit more formal and keeping with what the mainstream buyer wants. If Mazda wants to compete against the Malibu/Accord/Camry, they need to focus on offering a car for the masses, not blowing marketing money on offering niche iterations. You’re not going to find a lot of free thinkers in the midsized car segment. That’s why the Camry still sells so well despite the reality that it’s no longer the benchmark.

  12. I’d like to know why Mazda cops shit for not selling a hatch and wagon while the 2 biggest sellers, the accord and camry don’t offer any other varient other than sedans…?
    They don’t even offer any sports versions! at leats mazda had the MPS 6.

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