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That is one ugly SUV.

To me, this looks pretty much like a 1980’s Russian truck.
Maybe that’s what they’re going for….

Click on the title for the picture.

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  1. Does this compete with the new Jeep Liberty? It would have to be priced at about $20k to compete. How anyone could choose this over a Jeep or Toyota FJ or the new Infiniti is beyond me, this is for people who want a big logo on the front of their car and don’t care how it drives, what it looks like, how well it is engineered and how reliable it is. – RPM

  2. Oh my God that is hideous!! Probably even SsangYong could do better. I’m hoping that this is a misguidedly photoshopped image, otherwise Mercedes have a major dud on their hands

  3. Mercedes are ALWAYS butt-ugly. That’s their DNA. If you want high style & good looks then go to Cadillac, Chrysler or Lincoln. ( Or for something in-between there’s BMW. ) That’s what makes Mercedes such a status symbol– it says “I’m so rich I can afford to overpay for something that looks like a $60,000 mistake!”

  4. At first I thought this thing was terrible…but the more I go back to the photo the more I like it.

  5. It’s just a mixture of C-class and the GL. It’s not new compared to any other Mercedes so if you like the current Mercedes design trends, I’m sure you’ll like this one too.

  6. I was unaware too. That anonymous comment sounded like douchebag jones, only this person could actually spell and construct a gramatically correct sentence.

  7. Don’t you see?

    They’re playing with our minds!

    This overly complex shape will become fashion…just because it’s attached to a Mercedes-Benz!

    That’s what happened with the G-Wagen…believe it or not, I actually think the “packing crate” aesthetic actually looks cool because of its appeal! They called it “military chic”. That would never have worked with the Land Rover Defender or the Nissan Patrol. But the brand has accumulated enough image recognition that it can pretty much afford to take risks.

    I personally think the new S-Class’s fenders and interior center-stack are strange-looking. Same with the upcoming E-class. However, when I see an S-Class drive by, I think, “wow, there goes a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, a car that costs more than my house”. Bingo. The fenders sort of become more okay then, because I’m distracted by my own inflated image of the whole car.

    Look at other German car companies who took big risks: BMW got its share of naysayers for the “Bangle bungles”, but it’s still sold more Banglemobiles than the previous-generation. However, they still changed (and wussified) the front and back ends of their groundbreaking 7-series to appease their base.

    I think that’s why Audi’s trying to stay conservative. Just in case some crazy designs get everyone all riled up and distracted from their industry-leading build quality.

    This thing will sell very well at first, better than the Infiniti EX (not enough cache, looks too much like the sedan), but not so well as the next X3 or the Acura RDX (cheaper, better design) and the Land Rover LR2 (proven offroadability). Then they’ll be the darlings of the “I just want to drive a Mercedes” crowd.

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