Mini Monte???

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Another illustration of the upcoming AWD 4 door Mini.
I still wouldn’t call it a “Mini SUV”.
Even though it will be built in the same factory as the BMW X3.

Whether they call it Monte or not, it’s coming…

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  1. Seen this before and I think it is a cool idea.
    I would love to have this since the Mini drives so cooly
    and no need to worry with the climate chances since it has AWD. The Austrian factory in Graz has made our
    X3 and it drive amazingly.

    That factory also makes the Saab convertible
    and G Class for Mercedes. They are a very versatile
    and hard working group of

  2. Vince, BMW has already announced that the next X3 will be built alongside the X5 in South Carolina, leaving plenty of room at the Magna Steyr plant in Graz.

  3. there will be 3 SUV’s made at S.C.
    1) X5
    2) X6
    3) X3

    – Z4 goes Munich.
    There is talk of a V class, so that might also be made in S.C.
    -Otherwise, I don’t know what else will be made there.

  4. Ps- that link is an out dated one from this past May.
    The final contract with Magna was made days ago.

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