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Again, from a reader.

Looks like the Japanese version is ready to ship.

By the way, it looks like I’m going to the Detroit Auto Show next month. I will be reporting on this and much, much more.

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  1. How come nobody has mentioned anything about that object right behind the front driver’s side headlight. What is that an extra mirror?

    BTW, I will be attending the Detroit auto show myself. I’ll be looking for u!

  2. Yikes, I have been to detroit show the last 8 years. It is alway VERY cold and don’t stay downtown-very scary place.

  3. That back end looks like Toyota lifted up from a Honda Pilot.

    And they say only the Chinese bootleg people’s design.

  4. I looks very nice and can’t wait to see this on video.

    For all those APPLE PC BUFFS expect apple to come out
    with a cool video/camcorder in the next 12 months.
    I would love to use that if I go to Detroit.

  5. Apple is not coming with any camcorder/video device any time soon.Or ever.
    But their new “ultra portable” device should be out right before the Auto show.
    I would love to take THAT to Detroit.
    Half an inch think, 12 inch touch screen and looking like a giant iPhone.
    My regular iBook is pretty heavy to take around…

  6. Wow, a lot of blogspace here dedicated to the Forrester. I don’t find it all that interesting. It’s for butch women with hairy legs.

  7. That was what I heard a so-called rumor that this video device will come out. As far as truth, we have to see.
    Where did you here about the 12 inch device and do you have a link? My Mac Pro Pro is a great machine
    and I hope to keep it for a few years unless I hit
    the Hollywood Extra Lottery.

  8. Go to
    They know everything.

    The new portable will be half an inch think with flash drive (No hdd) for $1500.

  9. WOW! 14 HOURS OF BATTERY LIFE! That will last
    most of the show since we know that Vince will take his time inspecting each car.

    My Mac Book Pro only gets 2.5 hours or something.
    It is fairly new and the only let down of the machine besides the crazy price I paid.

  10. That small 3rd exterior rear-view mirror on the side of the hood of cars for the Japanese market always reminds me of a gimpy extra limb, or those silly-looking short arms on a Tyranosaurus. What are they all about?

  11. From these new pictures it really doesn’t look much bigger or drastically different from the current model. Just a bunch of HYPE to sell the new swindle.

  12. What this platform really needs is updated features such as a 5 or 6 speed transmission for both the automatic and manual gear boxes as well as some type of vehicle stability assist for all trim line across the board to remain competative with other name brands!

  13. It has VDC.
    But yes they should be using the 5speed auto and 6 speed manual, its not like they dont have it.

  14. Some versions of the current Forester have stability control; I’d expect it to be available on the new Forester as well.

    As for the other stuff the Forester could have been, remember that 1) this car is built off the Impreza chassis, and 2) Subaru doesn’t really have the resources to grossly differentiate this from an Impreza. From the looks of it though, the Forester XT will still be one of the best sleepers on the road.

  15. side-view mirrors were more popular in the 1980s when i lived there, now theyre more common on luxurious cars (so i guess some automakers use them to make their car seem more upmarket). they are there mainly for tradition but have some benefit. first, the mirror is further ahead than a normal side mirror, which allows you to see around corners better and eliminate blindspots. especially on larger/taller cars (like this subaru; also seen on the mitsubishi outlander, suzuki grand vitara, toyota harrier, etc.), the mirror helps see smaller cars and avoid accidents

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