More Toyota A-Bat Concept photos

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I still have some hope this might make it to production (even thoughh I have no personal need for a pick up).
If I remember correctly (and I always do…), the FJ Cruiser turned out really close to the concept.

So why not….

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  1. Concepts get away with some crazy stuff (which they should since it’s an exercise in creativity), but that steering wheel is a joke.

  2. Sorry, Vince, but if you did have personal need for a truck, this glorified Camry El Camino wouldn’t offer you much in the way of help. It’s an AWD sedan with an open-air trunk just barely big enough to hold 2 bicycles… not really what I’d want to take to the lumber yard on Saturday morning to pick up a couple of sheets of plywood. Then again, given all of the quality problems Toyota is having with their new Tundra, maybe they should stick to making trucks like this and leave the heavy haulers to someone else.

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