Mystery Car

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Looks like this was taken in Belgium.
But what is it????

Anzwer: I don’t know. Some might say it is the new Toyota Avensis.

Could it be anything else????

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  1. Belgium is where the Swedish manufacture, Volvo makes many of their cars, perhaps that might be one or even a Mitsu of some type since they are made there too…

  2. The c-pillar and tail end looks like the current Mazda3. Since the above poster said this is where Volvo builds their cars and both Volvo and Mazda are owned by Ford, I’m going to have to say this is the next Mazda3 in disguise and undergoing public testing. Am I right???

  3. Subaru Legacy?

    Can’t tell if there is a dual exhaust outlet but but it looks like the same tape jobs as we saw on the first WRX spy shots, and the legacy also has those lower reflectors, as well as due for a refresh in 2010.

  4. but i think vince is right
    toyota wanna make all new luxuries avensis
    and the wheel is smaller to body as toyo did

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