New Brazilian Ford Ka in the streets.

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  1. Ford ruined the KA and should not be allowed to call this a KA !!!

    I see them here (and alot of other kewl small cars) quite often in san diego with mexican plates, and they are really neat little cars and alot bigger than our first fiesta’s we had here way back when, a few weeks ago i saw a smart convertible Not the fourtwo but there small coupe they dropped from there lineup. i was driving my semi and it felt like i could just drive over the smart cause it was so damn small, but yet so dang cute !!

  2. The South American Ka is somewhat different to the Euro Ka. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Brazilians have done their own replacement.

  3. I’ve seen more pics of this car on the net and it is a huge step back styling-wise. It looks just like any old boring korean small hatchback. It deserves to be a miserable failure. I hope they don’t sell this version in Europe because it could single-handedly ruin the cool image that Ford has laboriously managed to achieve with its latest designs.

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