New Chery coupe coming up

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And it looks really similar to the concept we saw last year.
Still looking really nice with its Italian design.
It will be poered by a 3.0 Liter V6 with 200hp.

But from what I see on the left column, it looks like most of you will “never consider” a Chinese car.

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  1. I know the Chinese are making strides in quality and safety. So if it meets world standards, why not sell it here. It’s only small privately owned companies that are producing the questionable products anyways. -Commence Flaming!-

  2. Am i the only one that doesnt like this “Italian desgin”, i mean look at the trunk, it seems unporportional and high up

  3. I just don’t know. Does North America really NEED Chinese cars? Are we not already drowning in a sea of ‘Made in China’ products? Besides that – my fear isn’t that the Chinese will sell horrible cars in N.A. My fear is that they sell fantastic cars. It’s easy at this stage not to feel all that threatened by ‘them’ – but if ‘they’ gain a reputation for making great cars [Which will no doubt happen] then what? More unemployed North American auto workers?

    Craig!! :o)

  4. The Italians are laughing their asses off that the Chinese actually produced this napkin scribble. Fools

  5. ^^ Wow, great to see that my fellow Americans have such solid faith in the American Auto industry. I for one welcome all competitors. Not because I want to buy foreign cars. No, quite the contrary. I’m waiting for the day when American car companies will step up to the challenge and build cars that Americans deserve. Cars that will surpass the quality and drivability of both Asian and European cars with safety and affordability.

    Think back to the late ’70’s before the arrival of the Japanese. US cars were mediore at best and domestic manufacturers had to step up their efforts. I believe that they have made giant strides in recent years but have a bit more to go.

  6. No one would consider a car from China when one actually looks at the manufacturing plants; they look like they’re 30 years old!! They build cars like it’s the stone age and it certainly reflects in their build quality and horrifying crash tests. Their employees work in tenament compounds where 7 or more people share a single room.

    There are more accidents that lead to mortality in China than anywhere else and I highly doubt it’s just because they’re DWA (I’m Asian so this isn’t racist). The cars are built like crap.

  7. People will buy Chinese, in 08 or 09… when Chrysler sells that A1 Chery here! You watch.
    I don’t care where my car is made… if they last 3-4 years w/o major issues.. I’ll but it if I like it.
    Why do we need more cars in USA:
    1) These will undercut even Kia…and hey aren’t that inexpensive anymore… look at the Accent 3 door… Uggh…15K(nearly)? 2 years ago, they could be bought for 11K.
    Prices are Going Up…
    another example:
    2) New Malibu: Excellent reviews.. but starting around 20K for the 4 cylinder? The 07 was what, 17,500 MSRP, to start?
    Usually on sale for 16,599.
    If a Chinese car of similar ilk were sold…. and as good as the 08 Malibu….for 16K…. You Bet it would sell.
    Add a 10/100K warranty?
    You bet…sales would go crazy wild.

    3) This needs to be a 3 door hatch.

    4) the right door looks odd…must be a “pre-build”?
    If not.. it’s as well built as the Cobalt Vince reviewed in June of 2006!
    Look at the pix he posted… this may be built better already.

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