New Dodge Ram

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Real? Fake??
Don’t know and don’t really care.

Seems that these giant pick-up trucks aren’t all the rage anymore. The market is shrinking back to what it should be: for people who actually need them.

But if you do, the new Diesel is supposed to get 20MPG in the city.
Actually pretty amazing for such a beast…

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  1. “…the new Diesel is supposed to get 20MPH in the city.
    Actually pretty amazing for such a beast…”

    You mean 20 MPG, don’t you Vince.

    Your spelling actually has improved over the years…

    That’s ok, we still lvoe you.


  2. these are the absolut babe magnet there are pletty of them arounf d her ein beuatiful moredt o california and it woerks avery time babes go nust for a guy who drive s abig truk period

  3. Confirmed as real…as it came from the 2008 Dodge Ram accessories site header. Clever mix-up 😉

  4. Um.. the tundra has Ram in it, not the other way around. It is perfect storm for the big 3, and bad timing for toyota and nissan. People who don’t need them are going away, and people who need them, like builders are in the middle of the bubble bursting.

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