New Hyundai Genesis pictures

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Looking better and better.

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  1. Hyundai, please don’t dumb it down for the US spec. Heck, they would do better with those badges than the slanted H.

  2. Good job Hun-Duh!

    That’s what Mitsu should have done with the 3000GT and the Diamenti…or what ever they called it.

    Now they have to make sure they provide a luxury dealership, not a Hyundai one, or else it won’t work.
    It would be just another Azera if they don’t do this.

  3. except azera sucks.

    this thing at least has the drive-train of a luxury/performance vehicle. azera doesn’t.

  4. Vince, thanks for the Pics. There are also more pics over at CSS. The car actually looks very impressive.

    We should be seeing some better hi-res images released soon after the Detroit Auto Show.

    For this car to be successful it will need to have its own stand alone store. Otherwise it goes away like the Phateon.

  5. Really like it EXCEPT for that generic luxury car front end. This could easily been mistaken for a Lexus from the front. Maybe Hyundai think that’s a good thing, but I think it’s boring!

  6. You could write a thousand times it’s looking better and better, it doesn’t get more beautiful. It’s for sure one of the nicer designed asian cars, but it is really not that outstanding, is it?

  7. The interior looks nice enough; especially for the price range and in that dark color. Too bad the exterior is so boring but what can you expect from a hyundai.

  8. There are times where I look at this car and I say to myself “Wow! This car is going to be simply amazing!”

    Then there are times when I am sober…


  9. The more i see this ca, the MORE appealing it becomes!

    I won’t mind the Hyundai “H” on the grill (that weird bar thing is actually a bit disturbing…it just doesn’t look right)…I just hope the wings on the steering wheel get to stay.

  10. This is the car that will lay the ground work for Hyundai’s luxury division in the next 3-4 years. This near luxury car was the logical next step. Lexus and BMW clone at half the price with twice the warranty. Toyota, BMW and Infiniti should be very worried.

  11. With all these new Hyundai and Kia products, you’d think SOMETHING would be up on the chopping block….but as a major shock….there ISN’T!…not even the Azera! Strangely enough it fills the gap nicely between the Sonata and the Genesis…

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