The new Knight Rider

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Looks like this was in Burbank.

That car is not really impressive looking at all.
I don’t get it.

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  1. I really think it would have been a lot more
    interesting if they used the new Camero.
    The Mustang is nice, but not for a KITT Car.

    Have you ever seen the Mini commercials or mini series featuring a Mini that acts like a KITT?

  2. “It’s about the hottest car out there right now.”

    Yeah, if your a friggin moron and are fascinated by a pos ford than can do a donut.

  3. Vince I think it’s all about timing as far as using the Camaro is concerned. I don’t think the producers were able to get the required number of production Camaros that they needed before the start of the new KITT series.

    I definitely agree that this is NOT the KITT car that should’ve been choosen.

  4. In all fairness, though, the original wasn’t much different from the cheaper Firebirds of the time. It was kind of a sleeper on the outside, excluding the Christmas lights up front. The inside, though, on the Mustang should have been much more interesting.

  5. Well, the car is cool. The real challenge is to find someone who overacts as badly as David Hasslehoff.

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