New small Volvo Crossover?

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That would even be smaller than the upcoming V60.
This one would be based on the C30/S40 platform.

I didn’t know their XC was such a huge hit. Pushing them to build an SUV for each platform.
Why not, I guess…

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  1. If it looks like that, then build it! The whole compact crossover is a segment where anyone can get sales, and Volvo needs all they can get.

    This looks really great, although I’m not too sure how it would look without the massive wheels.

  2. Going by the exorbitant pricing on the C30, some small crossover would probably endup at $45k decently optioned. DOnt know what Volvo is thinking on their pricing, but the C30 is not selling here. I’ve seen one “gotta have” purchase and since then not a single one on the road, and I drive quite a bit each day.

  3. I like this a lot! I’d give it a test drive if there was an R version. Based on looks, this is much better than a CRV, Vue or Rav4.

  4. the c30 is too expensive. also because the basic versions look like crap.

    the xc90 actually did ok.. so i’m guessing this is the way volvo is going for sales..

  5. The name listed above is incorrect. In the first post you state it will be smaller than the V60. You mean the XC60 which uses the same underpinnings as the Land Rover LR2.

  6. “the c30 is too expensive. also because the basic versions look like crap.”

    Agreed, the base version looks about as exciting as a base Golf (Rabbit) but costs significantly more. There should be no version 1.0 and the starting price should include most of the external appearance goodies of the 2.0. It couldn’t cost Volvo that much to do this, and it would make this a much more appealing car for a lot of people.

  7. Exactly. I think they might eliminate the whole 1.0, 2.0 computer-esque marketing ploy in a model year or two…

    But hasn’t anyone thought of this as the next V50? And that new face would look great on the C30 line as well…why did they give the C30 that front end that looks even more boring than the 2001 SCC concept? Why?

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