New Subaru Forester

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Another picture of the Japanese market version.
The one with the goofy rear view mirrors on the front fender….

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  1. for everyone who thinks this looks like a toyota…that’s because toyota now owns 8.7% of subaru. i also blame them for ruining the wrx, and the forester (to a lesser extent). the current one looks dowdy, but at least its safe, fun, and you can get a huge sunroof with it

  2. A 4 Speed Automatic Transmission and no type of Vehicle Stability Assist on lower models will definately hurt sales for this outdated model!

  3. If the rear leg room is improved and the cargo box is a little longer, I will be getting one.

    Oh and I love the goofy fender rear view mirrors. I loved the one on my dad’s 1970 Datsun pick-up and have always wanted one.

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