Next E Class?

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Again, another illustration.
A good looking one.
It should be pretty close to this anyway.

I remember back in the days when a Mercedes was just about better than almost anything else.
It seems different these days. These guys have tons of competition from everywhere.
And soon even the Hyundai Genesis will be in this market.

I just wonder what they could do to stay above the rest….

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  1. If that back end were sportier, it could almost be the next LS. Personally I’m glad Benz isn’t a pinnacle anymore. The company is snobby, the owners are snobby, the quality is poor, and they all got their handed to them by the “lowlies.” Too bad.

  2. you wonder what they can do to stay above the rest? Be even more expensive and tell the people it is worth it. You would not believe – it works.

  3. to compare MB to a hyundai is ridiculous… and to call the unreliable too!

    everyone who owned on knows that after a couple of years of ownership the cars still doesn’t rattle, unlike asians…

    and they’re much safer in an accident, no matter if small or big! government testing is one thing, real life survivability another!!!

  4. good looking my a$$

    Why is it that if it’s a german car, even when it looks like a 10yrs old mazda millenia, it’s still looking good?

    While a japanese car with a similar design would get called boring, no soul, bleh, etc?

    I’m So sick of the german car fanboys – especially when most of them drive cheap Japanese cars

  5. My dad dive a 2004 E-class. To date, there are many problems with the car. The aircon broke down two times. The glovebox cover is not working like before, the cover just drops out rather than slowingly open. The radio screen fades away and you have to press hard on it for the screen to come back on. And finally,there was a fuel tank leakeage and the cabin is covered with strong fuel scent. Now the warranty has ended and who knows what the car with a soul will becomes. Looking at the new Merc designs, I think I will presuade my dad to go for another choice of brand.

  6. Interesting. I have been driving Benzes since 1998 I am on my 3rd CLK convertible (2 320’s and the current is a 500) and I have had very few issues with either car. the 1st car had a slight electrical issue(fixed under warranty) the 2nd was perfect and the new one had a radio failure that was fixed under warranty otherwise they have been great and reliable cars. I am looking forward to the next e class and clk. I’m gonna get one of each.

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