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The current model looks actually pretty nice for the asking price.
This one seems to be even more upscale.
Not original at all (It could be anything) but I guess that’s not the point.
Improving quality while still selling them for cheap seems the main goal.

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  1. the front fender looks and awful lot like the Hyundai Elantra, which might make sense, but it seemed as though Hyundai and Kia were determined to keep external body parts on shared platforms separate.

  2. Well, Kias quality has nowhere to go but up. The Sphinctra sells on price alone, so they’d better keep it cheap.

  3. Like usual, an Elantra with different rear doors….

    This looks more like the Elantra than the last gen….sans the extra rear curvy windows…..

    I wonder if the Spectra5 will survive, since the Elantra Toruing will be a real wagon/hatch, vs. last gens’s notch and the Spectra getting the “real” hatchback….

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