Next Mazda3?

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This looks like a nice evolution of the current design.
But Mazda claims the next 3 will look all new. And its design will influence every other Mazdas coming after.
This looks like the opposite. A design influenced by all current models.

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  1. That looks really nice!!!
    Any interior shots?
    Will the car come with just front wheel drive
    or AWD or both??

  2. hmmm, looks photoshopped to me, expecially given what mazda has said about the car’s design being different than the current NA crop. that being said, it does look similar to the new 6 and 2…..

  3. I like it, has rounded lines and evolutionary, won’t alienate people like Honda has been doing with their new Accord and Civic.

  4. I love the current 3, both sedan and five door. This photo looks OK, but nothing too “all new” other than the dumb fender flares that I hope do not make it to production. I HATE fender flares, why anyone wants metal flares to make the car wider with no benefit and lots of disadvantages is beyond me.

  5. No matter if it’s a whole new design or not, the current Mazda 3 looks good, but this new one, if it comes like that, looks fantastic, beautiful, amazing and anything else that is positive! This pushes Mazda right beside Alfa with their awesome design and their sculpture 147! Perfect!

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