Next Mustang???

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In this frame taken from a Ford “year in review” video, the pretty red head seems to be hiding what could look like the 2009/10 revised Mustang.

Is this it?

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  1. It’s the 1980s all over again. The economy is rough, Fuel is expensive and the enviromental police are on a charge.The high times of HP and performance in selfishly driven 2 & 4 seat cars. The distain of the Pelosian ideology. This may be the last years of the mass produced muscle and performance cars that are affordable to the average public. These are the Shelbys, Vipers, GTs, Z06s, and street rally cars the now 20 somthings will be paying millions for in auctions 30 years from now.
    Of course the rich will still have Fearris and other exotics produced in limited quantitys.
    Now about those California fires that produced more carbon and polutants the more than 1 years total auto emisssions world wide for more than a year??? Seems Ca would be more vigilant in preventing and rapidly extinguishing these fires if they cared so much about air polution.
    What is Ms Pelosis carbon footprint riding alone in a military passenger jet home for the weekends?

  2. It looks great. Hopefully the next one will have a 6 speed and an INDEPENDENT REAR SUSPENSION! I do realize that for a solid rear axel that it’s a very good one, but it’s time that Ford stops cheaping out on this. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this car though.

    Vince: Are the new Fusion/Milan and US Mazda 6 coming out at the Detroit show?

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