Next Seat Ibiza?

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Not sure if this is an illustration of the real thing.
But the new one will be out in a few weeks I hear.

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  1. Vince, this is an illustration, and an old one, too; it is one of many that have been doing the rounds in the past year, and none of them are accurate. I work at a test center in Spain and I have seen the actual car several times; it is much bigger than the one in this photoshop image, it’s probably around 4.10 m long. It takes some design cues from the León but merges it with strokes (especially in the front end) of the “new Seat style”, which was introduced a few months ago with the Tribu concept car. I think it is a very good looking car and I hope it will be a success.

  2. It’s unusual the way the windshield is so deeply recessed from the base of the a-pillar. Couldn’t be good for aerodynamics. Cute car regardless.

  3. yes , they will stop this design line and make a new one, cause at the moment , the leon , altea and toledo are looking all the same in the front and saler are not the best ..

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