Nissan Forum concept Pictures

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That looks pretty amazing.
the interior is just a bit crazy for production.
But the exterior looks like they could actually build something really close.

I love it. But again, I am not in the market for a minivan.
And usually, people who are, prefer boring ones…

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  1. The way those seats are all over the place going in different directions reminds me of the teacup ride at Disneyland.

  2. now that’s forward thinking and style, not that crap that honda and toyota put out. Nissan pushes the strength envelope and proves again that they lead in style.

  3. I don’t know if minivan consumers prefer boring design, they want something practical. Nissan had a great looking van but blew it on the practicality. It didn’t have 3rd row split in the floor, roll-down sliding door windows, thinly padded seats, weird placement of the odo (which they changed a year later but it was too late), no sunshades, no indexing seats …

    Design is everything but people who are looking for a van have kids so the interior has to accommodate practicality. You spend of the time inside the van and not outside looking at the cool design.

  4. No doubt the replacement for the Nissan Quest will look like Forum. A dumbed- and watered-down version of the Forum.

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