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Looks like Nissan is ready to try something different with the Minivan idea.
I still like the current Quest, but I guess most minivan buyers don’t.

At least they don’t go back to the drawing board to come up with something lame for the masses. Like the new Chrysler/Dodge vans.
I just wonder if that is actually what “the masses” want. I think most people looking for a minivan actually want the lame/conservative/boxy ones….

I wish Nissan good luck.
At least they are trying.

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  1. Nissan’s Quest looks bizarre in the front. Its the fender crease between the hood and the front fenders that extends along the side of the vehicle. Everything else about it is fine (now that they have fixed the dashboard).

  2. No doubt the Quest is the best looking minivan. But the general public is boring and that is who buys minivans: boring people who want boring minivans.
    Thanks for the Quest, Nissan

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