Nissan/Chrysler partnership????

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The latest rumor.
Nissan might still be looking for a partner in the US. They were talking to Ford last year.

Would Chrysler be a good match?
Does that mean Chrysler badged Renaults in the US?
World peace?

What do you think?

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  1. I’m having flashbacks to my Mom’s old renault Encore “S”. I presumed the S stood for slow, slug or sh…
    It was a horrible contraption, a perfect polar political car. leaned really far left and really far right. Just horrible.
    I’d suggest that getting hooked up with Nissan/renault is not the solution to thier problems.

  2. Sure, why not? Nissan already has a strong presence in the US, but the Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep brands would compliment its brand portfolio pretty well.

  3. I think this could be one of the best things to happen to the auto industry. Japanese, European, and American all working together to produce a great product. When I go to Europe I love seeing and being in those nice french cars. My only concern is it seems a lot of Americans like boycotting anything that has something to do with France.

  4. I rather see Chysler borrowing components
    than the other way around.
    I can not picture a 350z with Hemi, but it would be nice if the Patriot uses a Nissan source engine.

    As far as the French arm, yes it would be nice to see some Sarkozy mobiles….

  5. The best idea since the birth of Eagle!

    It would be interesting to have Renault and Chrysler working together again!

  6. Current Chrysler cars, except for the 300, use Mitsubishi-engineered hardware.

    There’s nothing terribly wrong with that except that Caliber, Sebring, Avenger, and small Jeep variants are not well regarded at all. Seems that Mitsu didn’t bring much worth having to the party.

    Remaking high-volume vehicles from Nissan/Renault is likely to be an improvement IMO.

  7. As a Nissan owner, I am hoping not… Mercedes didn’t power wash the scum (to use a quote from Sarkozy) out of Chrysler who still managed to design all the crap cars that are coming out now, so what makes anyone think that Renault-Nissan will? I really wish Chrysler would wise up and stop pandering to the trailer park crowd that will buy a Chrysler no matter what it looks like. GM turned around, Ford’s starting and as usual, Chrysler’s dead last sticking with its all American (read: Michigander) style that no Americans really like…

  8. Chrysler has had its shining moment and has had its dogs as well. They invented the minivan, like it or not, pick up trucks for the masses all have big front ends because of Chrysler etc etc. I would say Chrysler needs someone like honda, they do the design, honda the engines.

  9. nissanowner is ignorant and dead wrong.
    In 1998 Diamler (owner of Mercedes) had cash flow problems and merged with Chrysler. Back then every new Chrysler car had award winning style/design and Chrysler was financially profitable.
    After the merger, Diamler had access to Chrysler’s money and did a hostile take over. When this happened, many top designers left Chrysler. From 1998-1997 under Diamler’s control, most Chryslers became uglier and less cutting edge. Diamler ran Chrysler into the ground while building up Mercedes market share.

  10. as a Nissan/Infiniti owner I want Nissan to stay away from Chrysler. simply because it will ruin Nissan name, thank you

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