Peugeot 308 RC Z concept heading for production

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That’s the latest rumor.

The cool looking concept would give Peugeot something to compete with the Audi TT. With both gas and diesel engines.
(The TT will get a diesel option next year)

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  1. these guys hvanet sold cars in the usa for many years and thats because they were crap this will never be made

  2. I truly hope they produce it as is, this thing if funky and i love it ! Peugeot is on a roll lately with there designs , and anytime they wanna return to the state’s come on over !!!

  3. The rear deck shape design has a striking resemblance to the current Audi TT. However, the car including the rear deck looks good.


  4. Looks good at first glance, but a bit awkward in a lot of the details. That’s a seriously loooonnng trunk. And there’s a lot of space between the door and rear wheel… like they had to design a sports car around a wheelbase that’s too long. If they could shorten it, it’d look a lot more athletic. The front end is very busy, the grille looks like a kid showing his retainer between his teeth. What’s that odd kink where the c-pillar should be? I like what Peugeot is designing lately, but this is a bit heavy handed.

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