Pompous Hyundai Genesis video

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  1. Pompous? Perhaps. But I always appreciate the underdog being competitive and scrappy.

    Toyota did it with Lexus. Honda with Acura. And just look at them now.

  2. Pompous? No. I would say it’s very much like the blueprint that Lexus used to get their start when they spent upmteen marketing dollars convincing potential prospects about how ‘well engineered’ their flagship LS400 was and dared to compare it to the established luxo brands like Mercedes, BMW etc.

    Maybe pompously fashionable. LoL

  3. Just because an ad agency puts this crappy car in the same shot as a B&O audio system and Vogue doesn’t mean its a real luxury car. I call it a wannabe Avalon.

  4. Yes, as long as it wears a Hyundai badge, I agree it’s not going to be considered a true luxury car.

    Americans have proven that they will pay more for ‘luxury’ branded cars even if they are dropping an extra 5 large on nothing more than re-branded Lexsus ES 330s which are nothing more than gussied up Avalons.

    But where do you get off making that half-wit comment about comparing the Genesis to a ‘wannabe Avalon’.

    Either way your comments show a complete lack of knowlege about this new vehicle and its intended target market.

  5. Why pompous, Vince? I agree with the above comment that they are obviously using product placement to sell the vehicle to a particular market segment.. what is wrong with that? I think it is a nicely done promotional film that definitely follows the Lexus blueprint. At least they show several photos of the vehicle in the piece.. instead of just showing pictures of leaves, grass and water rolling over pebbles like Infiniti did when they were introduced to the US market.. now THAT was pompous!

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