Saab 9-1

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Saab is rumored to be showing a small car concept sometime next year.
A production version will follow a few months later.
The car will be based on the Opel Astra platform.

It could be really nice…

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  1. If this is the car(pictured), Mini and Volvo might be in BIG trouble. A hot coupe-hatch has been missing for too long and I love this design. It would be awesome if they also come out with a 9-1X all wheel drive system.

    Saab was suppose to build a Sonnett with Mexico in mind during the last decade but scarped the idea. It was suppose to be what the 9-1 will become. I guess to save cost it will be made where ever the Saturn Astra is likely to be made for the US. Germany?

    If they keep the price, lets say starting at $ 22K
    I’ll take out my Ikea chair and start waiting…

  2. I love Saab’s quirky designs but in recent years that is all they’ve had in their favor. It does not help all their models are underpowered old designs. However, i’m still rooting for them and if they can come up with something that trumps Volvo’s overpriced C30 then i would be willing to buy one.

  3. Eh…..why is SAAB still around?

    I’ll take my Astra….but with a little more power…the BASE Cobalt engine would be nice….

  4. SAAB is still around because it still has a strong following and in a few years or perhaps less, it will
    be ahead of Volvo. The company is the process of a major comeback. Not everybody wants to drive a Bimmer, Cobolt or Toyota.

  5. Looks great, would probably drive great too. Unfortunately in order to buy one I would have to travel for hours to get to the nearest dealer. And that would suck when the car needs service.

  6. I love Saabs and can’t wait for some of their new products. GM has neglected them for too long. here’s to a successful Saab renaissance with some sweet new rides like this one…

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