Sangyong Chairman

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From the maker of the worst looking SUVs in the world comes this new high end sedan.

They’ve always had one for the Korean market, but now it seems they are considering exporting it to Europe as well.
They also claim this will compete with the A8 and BMW 7 series.

Good luck…

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  1. what the hell is a sang young????????
    dont we have neough brands to chose from in the us where the hell is this coming from anyway we dont want this over here period las tnif ghg twas pretyt mtp touhg

  2. Look at the fuel fill door. Is it the size of a dinner plate, or are the proportions really off for this car? I like the clean lines, at least for the top 1/2 of the car. SsangYong does make some funky looking SUVs for the Korean market.

  3. Up until recently the Ssangyong Chairman was based on superseded Mercedes platforms but I think I read a while ago that the new one will be on a different non-Mercedes platform.

    The current Chairman which was sold in Australia up until recently before being quietly removed, had a facelift and didn’t look that great. It pretty much looks like a W124 except for different front and back and a cheaper interior. Still, if you want a cheap reasonably luxurious car, it’s a good deal I suppose….

    Their Actyon sports SUV is quite nice as are the Kyron and Rexton SUVs, all of which are sold here. The Stavic MPV, however, is hideous…some seriously bad design…worse than a Pontiac Aztek…

  4. I have seen some of thier SUVs in Thailand. They have Mercedes Benze Diesels in them. Kinda ugly outside but interiors were nice. Real Cheap too.

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