Speed Racer trailer

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I guess this is mainly for those who like their movies to look like video games.
I don’t.
I like movies to look like.. Well… Movies…

But if you grew up watching the cartoon, there must be something a bit exiting about seeing the whole thing “for real” for the 1st time.

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  1. I think Speed Racer had Japanese people in the cartoon. Why did they make it Americanized?
    Sorry, Vince this will flop.

    It is a cheap Tron flick.

  2. Don’t be sorry. I won’t go see that movie.
    And by the way, they ARE doing a remake of Tron….

  3. 6 comments from 6 dumbasses.

    Listen, if you want reality go see Gone Baby Gone. This movie is intended to be a Saturday popcorn extravaganza, nothing more.
    If you’ve never seen Speed Racer then don’t comment, if you don’t like it then you’re old enough to SHUT UP.
    I for one, will see this movie and that’s that.

    Vince, you can’t be serious, what type of movie do you want to see about cars?

  4. I just like car movies with cars, not moving computer illustrations.
    That stuff is great for video games.

    I don’t want movies to look like video games.
    That’s all….

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