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  1. Hot chicks? Uhhhh were you watching the Tata commercial? I saw some girls acting like hot chicks who needed a shave down.

  2. how awful for Jaguar, this is worst for them than ford owning them. I cant even imagine that a company that puts out low brow commercials like that being for good Jaguar as their owner, it looks like they will lose even more prestige. Im assuming they just want Jag, and Land Rover for parts sharing not something actually good for the 2 brands because it seems that a company like that couldnt sell Luxury Vehicles. If Ford’s ownership has hurt Jaguar prestige why get ready to buy the new XF at a huge drop off in a year because this TATA will kill all the rest of the prestige of the company

  3. Ford didn’t exactly do any wonders for Jaguar, with the exception of improving quality. In every other way Ford has run Jaguar into the ground. Come on, the designed the new XJ to look ALMOST EXACTLY like the old Jaguar XJ, the same design of which has been on the market for about 2-3 decades, the S-type they let sit on the market for almost a decade, and the X-type was a stinkin’ front wheel drive, Mondeo. So I see more upside potential in Tata owning Jaguar than Ford at this stage. Besides, Tata owns soo many different business’s that it may benefit Jaguar.

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