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I guess Chinese car makers will have to fight quite an uphill battle when they finally make it over here….

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  1. Those who siad “Never” will eat their words. It will start with major content from China in a known brand. They just might buy Chrysler and improve the brand.

  2. Exactly, the prices will sell the cars. As the middle class in the US dissappears people will buy the least expensive product out there, that will chinese autos.

  3. As I walked thru Toys-R-Us yesterday while my wife made a return, there was not one product that I could find that was not made in China. I gave up after 25 minutes.

  4. CHINA is a red enemy. We will go to war with them, not buy thier cars. It’s like saying would you buy a car from Iran or North Korea. If you do a little research you will find that the founder of Hyundai was born and raised in North Korea, but thats another topic

  5. Thanks, pga, for the links I learned some things. As for buying Red China’s cars we would dig our grave a little deeper by giving the commies more billions of dollars to crush us whenever they feel it’s time. Boycott China, buy American like honda or toyota, But not ford or chevy because it will probably be made in canada or mexico lol 🙂 JJ

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