World’s cheapest car

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The new Tata will be cost between $2500 and $3000.
This is still just an illustration, the car is supposed to come out in a few weeks.
It actually looks better than I thought it would.
I hear they have a connection with Fiat. That could explain the decent design.

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  1. Is it not true that most of the “cheapness” is a direct result of how cheap labour is in India?

  2. looks like they went after mitsubishi and copied the I to a t, and it also supposed to be rear engined…

  3. It would be interesting to see this thing in person. It does look better than I thought it would. I hear Nissan is working on an ultra cheap vehicle too.

  4. While it is true that labour rates in India are substantially cheaper than anywhere in the developed world, the inexpensive nature of this car can’t solely be attributed to low labour rates, as labour doesn’t account for as large a portion of a car’s manufacturing costs as most of us would imagine.

    It’s far more likely that the car is inexpensive because its been designed explicitly to be so, with low cost, simple and easy to maintain/replace parts designed exclusively for it, and not adapted from the more costly items found in other, more expensive designs.

    I expect the use of steel in this car will probably be limited to the chassis, substructure and major mechanical components, while as much as is practical (body panels, windows) will be made from lightweight, low-cost and recyclable plastics.

  5. Not bad looking, but it’s still an artist’s rendition ala It looks nothing like the Mitsubishi i!

  6. I was merely saying that for a car that costs $2500-$3000, it looks better than I would expect. Heck, for that price I’m suprised they’re not pulling old Yugo’s out of junk yards. That’s what I would expect for that price.

  7. It probably is a lot safer than the tuktuks and similar vehicles common in the developing world. Good for them.

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