2009 Acura TSX

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Actually, these pictures are of the next Euro Accord. The same car as our TSX.

Which again, will be smaller and sportier than our big US Accord. Our version should come with the same Turbo engine as the RDX. With a diesel available a year later.

The 3rd picture shows the rear view of the wagon. A model not scheduled for US sales.

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  1. I really wanted this upcoming TSX, but the I heard it will be priced much higher than the current one.

    When I was shopping for a car 5 years ago, I had a choice between a 2004 TSX or a 2004 Solara. I picked Solara due to its V6 engine (easy for road trips).

    Now I’m in the market again to replace my other car. This time I want something smaller and I really had high hopes for the new TSX.

    I guess it’s expected. With the recent US Dollars freefall, it’s only a matter of time before we have to pay (a lot) more for everything.

  2. Ya ,think about this if you will for a second please. They make an accord specifically for North America because the European Accord is “too small”. Then they swap the nameplates from honda over to acura, bring it over here as an acura and charge more than the accord , and we buy it. That is the ultimate in Dumb American behavior. Someone, or a whole room full of people at Honda ,have to be laughing silly that this actually works. WOW! What a bunch of sheep we really are.

  3. truth is said comment ..

    I believe a dumb American would be someone who think he/she is more superior than the rest of the world.

    This leads to a false sense of entitlement over more power, more space, righteousness, etc.

    If the rest of the world are fine with the smaller Accord, why would we feel the need for bigger ones here?

    Honda, as a business, researched the market and decided to satisfy the market with a bigger bloated Accord, which the Americans love so much.

    As for paying more for the same car, it’s all business. If Honda had decided to build the same car as an Accord here, it would be cheaper or as cheap as European/Japanese Accord -BUT- it would not be able to compete with the US Camry (another bloated car for fat Americans with lots of fat kids)

  4. Turbo engines have significantly more low-end torque than naturally-aspirated engines. Check the specs of the RDX.

  5. Considering what this car will cost in Europe, we will likely still be paying less for it as an Acura. Sure it will be more than the US Accord, but don’t forget that car is made in Ohio, not abroad.

  6. you are damn right about the dumb american behavior.

    the US accord with a v6 is sold as an honda inspie in japan, which is the larger/premium sedan below the legend/rl, and even the cheapest version of the inspire with cloth seats costs more than the top of the line jdm/euro accord/tsx.

    and ppl here who buy tsx justify their purchase by saying that it’s “smaller amd sportier”, that is like saying bmw should charge more for the 3 series than 7 series.

    this tsx is AT MOST going to have the hp/tq of a 5 years old g35, with FWD and for 5k extra you can probably get those so-called AWD that runs in FWD 90% of the time, and to get all these you are probably gonna end up paying the same MSRP as c-class and 3-series, not to mention the g35 with standard 300 hp and rwd.

  7. I am confused about all these haters picking on Honda, I mean isn’t Lexus/Toyota doing the same thing. The big LS is just another Toyota Where I’m from. And the big boat we call GX 470 here, is called Land Cruiser.
    Infiniti selling rebaged Nissan or Renault.

    VW is selling the Passat as the A6
    or the Touerag as the Audi SUV.

    BMW and MerC are the only two Original Luxury cars that I know in the U.S.

    So stop all the BS. talking.

  8. All the haters are usually BMW drivers. go figure. they’re assholes who think they can drive cause they own the “ultimate driving machine”, but really can’t. Big egos comes standard.

    Oh and I happen to own a TSX and it drives a lot better than many cars out there, including the bloated USDM Accord.

  9. All these haters are most likely BMW drivers with big egos. These assholes think they can drive cause they own the “ultimate driving machine”, but really can’t.

    Oh and I happen to own a TSX and it handles much better than many cars out on the road including the bloated USDM accords

  10. I think most of the bigots are hating on Americans not honda. Honda is a business, it just wants to make money like any other business. I have never thought the tsx was a good product but I live in Columbus and they are everywhere, probably because there are thousands of honda employees who get them cheap. The rest of the people it is perplexing.

    On the other hand I own a 2008 TL and paid 29K for it. I know it is pretty much a honda, but, it looks a hell of alot better, has sportier handling and the interior is richer. Comaping it to other vehicles in that price range I thought it was a good value. By the way, it turns out european are getting as bloated as Americans.

  11. It’s not BS talking. The Toureg and Q7 share the same platform (not sure about the Passat & A6. Methinks the A6 has it’s own platform, or will be getting a new Audi-exclusive one), but look nothing alike. At least Toyota markets it’s Euro-LS as a luxury car. Honda is just hanging an Acura badge on what they sell as a European Honda, jacking up the price and calling it a “premium” car. Plus given Honda’s design misteps as of late, I am not holding out much hope that the new TSX will be even remotely attractive. I picture that big, goofy Acura grill tacked onto the front end of a car loaded with mismatched styling cues and reminiscent of a 10-year-old Korean design..

  12. The only bs is from your post, infiniti, sells infiniti not renault. Even if nissan and renault and infiniti shared models, that’s fine. you are missing the point. we are not talking rebadging here, we are talking honda selling an accord that was turned down as the accord because it was too small, and selling it as an acura in that “Same” market for more money. Honda is being bashed because they are taking you for a fool!

  13. “If the rest of the world are fine with the smaller Accord, why would we feel the need for bigger ones here?”

    Because perhaps, we aren’t obligated to want what people want in other countries. Honda only brought the TSX stateside after the previous generation Accord bored everyone. When we got the Accord, every blog, forum and automotive write-up asked why we got the big dopey one while Europe got the svelte cool one. But it wouldn’t make sense to bring it over as a Honda. So with the Integra gone and the RSX not picking up the slack, it made perfect sense that Honda would bring this over as a reasonably priced sports sedan for Acura.

    Even though I ended up buying the Volvo S40 T5, me likey the TSX.

  14. the LX470 or “land cruiser” is NOT meant to be a economic suv, it is meant to be a large/premium suv even in japan. the fact that it is sold slightly cheaper with a toyota badge or a higher price with a lexus badge doesn’t make a difference, same thing with infiniti, the g35, which in japan is sold as the nissan skyline, is designed and built as a entry lvl premium sport sedan, and if you read japanese magazines you will see them constantly compare the g35/37 against the bmw. granted it costs less and wears a nissan badge, that doesn’t change the fact that it is a entry lvl lux/sport sedan, same idea with the M35/45. just because it wears the nissan/toyota badge, doesn’t change the fact that those car are AT LEAST somewhat near the premium/luxury market.

    but acura/honda, especially with the case of the TSX, is trying to pull a scam MUCH worse than the case with lx470 and g35’s, the tsx is a HONDA ACCORD in japan/europe, it is built and design as a mid-size mainstream family car to compete with the camry and mazda 6, it is NOT designed and buitl as a permium entry lvl sport sedan like the g35 or lexus Is’s, yet acura think it’s ok to do nothing except to put a A badge on it and charge higher msrp. they are trying to sell us a non-premium mainstream everyday car and charge us the same 125% msrp as lexus and infiniti

  15. “they are trying to sell us a non-premium mainstream everyday car and charge us the same 125% msrp as lexus and infiniti”

    How so? The TSX starts at 28k and tops-out at $30k fully loaded. That’s a mainstream pricetag, hardly a premium priced car. The GS and IS each have a base price three or four grand higher and can easily go above $40k with options. These cars attempt to compete with the 3 series. The TSX is hardly a premium car and has never attempted to compete with proper RWD cars. It’s a very good car for a young person earning a middle-management income and wants a smart looking car. In spite of the armchair-analysis of a lot of people here, there is a large market for a car like this.

  16. the engine/drive train difference alone accounts for the 3k diffrences, the g35 might be 3-4 g more than the tsx, but let’s assume that infiniti give us a G25 with the 2.5l 210 hp engien found in the lower-end skylines in japan, what kinda price would you expect? that’s right, a few thousands cheaper, which brings it to the same lvl as the TSX’s price range. In canada bmw also sells the 323, which is 3 series with 2.5l engine 200hp and it’s MSRP is the same as the TSX. the lexus IS starting price is also around 2k more than tsx, 2k doesn’t demote the tsx a notch lower in to “mainstream” when you consider that mercedes c300’s starting price is also 2k more than the lexus IS starting price, but no one consider the is250 in a difference league than the c300.

    i will say this again, all the cars mentioned above, let it be “true luxury” brands like bmw or mercedes, or product of badge engineering, are built and design from grounds up to be entry lvl premium sedans. TSX is built and design with the idea that it is to be a smaller HONDA ACCORDS, and it’s meant to have HONDA ACCORD price, just a slight discount from the starting price of true premium entry lvl car is still way too high.

  17. The TSX is “hardly a premium car”? Than why is it sold under a supposedly premium nameplate?

    Also, and correct me if I’m wrong. but isn’t the TSX built off the Civic platform, and the TL off the Accord platform? If not, is the Euro-Accord platform different than the US-Accord platform, and what platform is the TL built on?

  18. “If the TSX is “hardly a premium car”, why is it sold under a premium nameplate?”

    To grab the “low hanging fruit” and to satisfy the demand for the Euro version of the Accord. Most premium brands have entry-level cars. It allows these brands to get young people engaged with the brand.

  19. all acura sedan, tl, tsx, rl are made from the accord platform

    another reason why even in terms of “badge-engineering”, acura is the biggest scam of them all

  20. WTF? Who cares what platform the car is built on? As long as the damned car is actually a good car to begin with….

    The Accord already has a rep for being the best (or near it) in the Family Sedan area. Why in the world is it a crime to use that platform for another car?

    Also, Acura didn’t just bring the Euro Accord to the US as the TSX. I’m sure they made enough changes to justify having the car being sold in the US.

    If all car enthusiast do is piss and moan over stupid crap like this, when do you actually enjoy cars? Sheesh.

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