2009 Acura TSX Diesel

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That’s right. Diesel ins’t just coming to the US Accord, but might also be available in the redesigned TSX. Which will be again the US version of the all new Euro Accord.

Later Honda will bring us their new V6 Diesel. That might end up in the Pilot…

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  1. I was going to leave a comment but I just noticed the “Babes in Detroit” post below this one…So Eee Ya…..

  2. DBJ, did you even complete grade school? You sir, are an idiot.

    I think this is what the market needs, it is a great alternative to a hybrid and if the numbers are right it might even make for a sporty TSX with plenty of torque!

  3. A nice diesel engine that will be placed under the hood of what will no doubt be one butt-ugly TSX.

  4. “That’s awesome! You can see the turbo. A turbo diesel TSX does not sound to slow to me.”

    you do realize that most diesel engine comes with a turbo right? i failed to see why you seem so delighted when yo unotice the turbocharger.

    and perhap you should know that the current 2.2l turbo diesel in european civic and accord makes 140hp, and it is most likely the tsx is going to be FWD if you paired it with the turbo diesel. even if they tweak it i doubt it will make any noticeable changes

    a fwd car that accelerate like a 4 cylinder camry (which btw is getting a new 2.7 l engine) with a price tag in the neighbourhood of 3-series C-class and g35 sounds like a pretty dumb idea to me

  5. I don’t see the attraction to diesel…With the EPA emissions laws, the diesel has little advantage.

  6. europe has had diesels forever, it took the north american red necks this long to realise it’s the way to go, not the toyota hybrid crap.

  7. This turbo diesel should have about 250 ft. lbs. of torque and 160bhp and in the worst case scenario would maybe go 0-60 in 8 or 9 seconds in the TSX… but, the trade off being that it should achieve 60 miles per gallon… sounds fine to me

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