2009 Dodge Ram

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I am not a truck person, so I really couldn’t care less about this.
But it does look fine for what it is.
And I think the interior is the best one from Chrysler in years.

It’s kind of funny how US carmakers now put better interiors in their trucks than their cars.
I guess it’s start….

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  1. Trucks are cash cows. U.S. car makers don’t give a damn about the rest of us people who just need transportation instead of a gas-hog beast.

  2. Right. Trucks actually have a profit margin for domestic manufacturers. Passenger cars are generally not profitable. It seems they only make them to “stay in the segment” and avoid draconian plant closures and a labor war.

    Why invest in nice interiors just to lose more money? Their best bet is to make them as cheaply as possible and compete on price and marketing–which is what they’re doing and why American passenger cars are crap.

  3. booooring. nothing new, nothing innovative. i would like to think that there is still a market for genuinely smallish trucks without gas-pig engines. this doesn’t advance the big truck any, but what did i expect?

  4. How dare anyone come out with such a Mother Earth-raping monstrosity. Everyone should be forced to drive Nanos and SmartCars!

  5. Nothing short of amazing. More power AND a LOT better gas mileage. This isn’t merely Dodge’s best interior– it’s the INDUSTRIES best truck interior. In an age when Toyota, Chevy, –and even Lincoln are going with hard plastic dashes (they may look soft, but knock on a Tundra or Town car dash and you’ll be shocked at the cheapness) and DODGE has a SOFT padded dash (with REAL contrasting stitching no less!) Don’t underestimte this one. I just hope they haven’t put in too high of quality for the target market (like they did with Pacifica). It makes the “new” Tundra/Sequoia look 10 years old on quality differences alone. I’m truley amazed. Anybody want my ’08 Tundra with 2,100 miles at half off the list price? I just gotta have this Dodge!

  6. I like the exterior. The interior looks mostly fine. The double glove boxes Chrysler loves to tout are all crappy looking and cheaply made. However this still appears better than the Tundra interior. But way below the Chevy or Ford, the real competition.

  7. This truck is spectacular, a huge improvement over the current Ram, and the interior sets a new standard. The reason that automakers, including Toyota focus so much on them and make so much money from them is that they sell by the hundred thousand in the US, far out-selling passenger cars. In the vast majority of non-urban America, this is what sells. And to say that this truck offers nothing new is being unreasonable. The stowage compartmets in the rear fenders are brilliantly done. If you like tiny little micro cars, that’s cool… buy one… but don’t run down a vehicle that you know little about just because it doesn’t appeal to your lifestyle. It makes otherwise nice truck drivers like me want to drive right over your little Smart car.

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