2009 Ford F150

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New front, revised interior.
The old Ford trick. Nothing is “all new”.

Next in line for the “old trick”: The Fusion and the Mustang.

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  1. as with the Ram below, boring, if better looking. don’t like that grill, though. Titan looks better, if you have to have one of these beasts.

  2. The F-150 recently used to be a great looking truck, but this new front end, like the F-250/350/econoline van, is a FREAKIN’ ABOMINATION!!!!

  3. It’s not “all-new”, just a face lift. But you sure as hell bet that Ford will advertise it as “all-new”.

  4. I actually like the refresh. There was nothing wrong with the old one but this is an improvement IMO. I’m interested in seeing the interior but the real story on this truck is going to be the 6 speed auto and the new diesel.

  5. Whoopty freakin doo … another ugly-ass, crappy re-skin from Dorf motors. Aren’t reskins supposed to look more modern than the previous design … this heap looks like a step backward. NEXT.

  6. “Instead of cutting out tiny pics from NYT articles and passing jusgment on that alone, give the reader more to consider.”

    You’re right. But the additional images further reinforce what I think… that the new grille looks like an unattractive afterthought. Like bright ugly braces on an attractive girl. It’s also somewhat thin, flat and tacked-on looking. Although I’d rank the interior #2 to Chevy, it’s still very nicely designed and very competitive. Without a doubt, it trumps the Tundra, and appears to be better than the upcoming Dodge interior.

    Visually, the F150 has gone backward. The update looks clumsy and heavy-handed. But I don’t know if that matters to truck buyers too much.

  7. Agree, people who buy truck are a different breed. Thats why “god” made vanilla and chocolate.

  8. So is the ram ‘all new’?? i don’t think so…no manufacturer of pick up trucks renews thier truck every 3-4 years, Ford did more than was expected on this re-fresh.
    Looks like they will keep thier top selling title 🙂

  9. I’m sorry Vince, but where did Ford state the whole truck was “all new” other than specific elements, such as the interior and certain exterior pieces?There are new elements all around from the front to the rear, as well as new engine choices. Were you expecting an all new greenhouse and totally new platform for a mid-cycle refresh?I think you need you manage your expectations better.For those that are interested, here are higher quality shots shots of the exterior/interior and different trim levels.Instead of cutting out tiny pics from NYT articles and passing jusgment on that alone, give the reader more to consider.https://www.motortrend.com/I think they did a great job in further refining the best selling vehicle in NA and addressing some of its shortcomings.

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