2009 Ford Fusion

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I posted this a few months ago.
But will all the recent spy pictures of the actual car showing up everywhere, I thought it could be a good idea to look at this again.
It does seem to match the spy shots.
I think the best part of the current Fusion is its front end. Looks like this is one of the main changes.
I like the current one much better.

But there is also an all new interior coming up . Similar changes will appear on the Lincoln MKZ (which will get a front end similar to the MKS), and the Milan.

As far as we know, the revised 2009 Milan might turn out to be the last Mercury ever.
There is nothing planed for the brand after that….

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  1. I like it. But like the Malibu, by the time it hits the streets it will be stale. American designs are attractive but late. The skin of the new Accord already makes the Fusion’s new facia look mild.

    As for Mercury, it has no purpose. Why not make it Ford’s “green” brand? Every Merc would be a hybrid/fuel cell/elec/diesel/etc. Sorry to offend some people, but my observation is that most people are far more concerned about looking green than actually being green. That’s why hybrids that aren’t immediately recognized as such (anything that’s not a Prius) don’t sell.

    Why do brand identities need to be wedded to what boils down to a trim level? Specialized brands appear to be very successful–Land Rover, Jeep, Hummer, BMW. Part of the reason they are desirable is because their identities aren’t diluted with a brand one trim level above and one below it.

    Mercury could be instantly recognizable. Hollywood phonies would drive nothing else. The press would drool.

  2. Looks more like the old Mazda 6 with extra chrome….it looks nice….but the older one looks nicer because it’s not as “conventional” looking as this.

  3. “The skin of the new Accord already makes the Fusion’s new facia look mild.”

    The skin of the new Accord already makes the old Accord look beautiful.

  4. I like this better, more aggressive looking, smoother. Hope the drop the new 6 in it and make the interior more upscale.

  5. It seems like the first step to introducing the Kinetic Design or whatever they call it over the pond. The first step at blending the “bold american style” with the kinetic style. At least that is how I see it.

  6. Porco Dio.

    This just made the current Accord look beautiful.

    As if anything could.

    The current Fusion is beautiful.

    This ruins it.

  7. I like this Fusion very much. Should have been introduced looking this way, but better late than never. The new Accord is bizarre, and I used to be a huge Honda fan until the 2001 Civic.

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