2009 Honda Pilot

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I wasn’t expecting much, yet I was still shocked at how ugly that thing is.

Seems that driving well and being reliable is enough to sell cars. (Just ask Toyota)

But it is really sad to see still looking like this in 2008….

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  1. From the top pic it looks exactly like last gen Isuzu Trooper(US)
    I dont know what they trying to do.
    … back to basics…? with better fuel economy…?
    …honda Xterra…?
    maybe its a good thing

  2. This is a huge departure from the classy designs of the CR-V and Accord! The new Pilot makes the CR-V look like their flagship SUV model.

  3. It’s not that bad. Afterall this is more or less the look that the typical buyer of this vehicles is looking for. The interior is a little odd, but it will toned down for production.

  4. The second picture makes me laugh uncontrollably. I’m afraid to see what other gross things come out after the 2008 Accord’s Uglification. I’m afraid for the next Civic.

  5. Uggggggh…Ugly!
    As if the new FX couldn’t be out done, along comes Honda’s Pilot to complete the runner-up roundup of worst Franken auto metal.

    Will people buy this? Do lemmings fly? I see the Honda faithful flocking to this atrocity, much in the same way that Toyota is able to push the Highlander, a blob of frozen franken metal in its own right.

    It seems that both these manufacturers can continue to produce large volumes of forgettable designs as long as people believe they are buying ‘dependability’.

    A growing number of people are waking up to find they aren’t the only game in town.

  6. Overall, it’s a 90s looking SUV box. Then you get to the front, it just looks stupid. Amateurish and unfinished. The entire team responsible should rethink their careers because there is no excuse for something like this from Honda. Ever since the Element and the Ridgeline, Honda’s designs have been horrendous… excluding the Civic coupe. What’s happened to this company?

  7. Say what you will folks, this thing will fly out off the dealer lots. It will be yet another hit for Honda!

  8. Say what you will folks, this thing will fly out off the dealer lots. It will be yet another hit for Honda!

    Perhaps you are correct, but sales figures do not mean that it is a good design.

  9. Vince, I already owned this vehicle way back in 1996 and it was sold under a Honda nameplate! It was called the Acura SLX.

  10. Yes so true, look at walmart, the height of a bad thing, but, people go because it is cheap. This is height of bad design, people will go because they need an appliance.

  11. Sales figures DO indicate if it is a good design. If it was that bad the public would reject the whole idea.

    This, like all of Hondas other models, will fly off the lot. People bash the new Accord, it is selling like crazy here in this area and apparently the rest of the country if you check the sales figures.

  12. Or hondafiles are just sheep.

    Maybe the grill with simplier lights or those lights with a simplier grill, but, together, yikes. Looks like a retarded (not pc I know) robot.

  13. i love this thoroughly…why you ask? because I sell Nissans and the more terribly ugly vehicles honda puts out, the better.

  14. Ugly… Yes ugly, that’s where the Honda design was. And there motor was probably not ulev like the one in CiviC. Let’s go Honda that’s the way to go down!

  15. Do those new Solar Panel Headlights recharge themselves in the daylight and automatically turn on at night time? I heard they save alot of battery backup power for colder climates.

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