2009 Mazda RX8

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This is the Japanese market RS sport version. So forget about the19 inch wheels and the tacky looking wings and skirts.

But still, noe of the changes were needed on this car….

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  1. Maybe changes weren’t needed, but I do think this looks better. The spoiler looks pretty tasteful to me, I wouldn’t call it tacky. Those wheels are awesome too, shame we won’t see them.

    Only thing I’m not so sure on: replacing the ‘gills’ behind the front wheels, with European GT car-style side vents. First Hyundai did it on the Tiburon, now Mazda on the RX-8. Personally, on an Asian styled car, I think the gills look better. Vents only look good on an Aston Martin or a BMW.

  2. With the 19 inch wheels and slapped on polyurethane go fast bits, this car loses that long, low to the ground look that I like. The car now looks stubby.

  3. Just an update to keep it fresh until the replacement arrives. I don’t envy the guys trying to design the future model: How the hell do you top this one?

  4. Agree, this car still looks like a spanking new design. I think only BMW designers are copied more than mazda designers.

  5. Many changes were needed on that vehicle, Vince… I don’t know why you keep saying that.

    It isn’t selling well, it isn’t reliable, it gets horrible gas mileage, it drinks oil etc. So, if a vehicle isn’t selling well do you think it will do any better by just leaving it alone? I think not.


  6. 5:49, there may be TECHNICAL improvements needed (all the problems you list derive from its unique engine, which btw, many people who have driven this car adore, despite its flaws), but in terms of design and style? This car, years after its release, still looks friggin awesome, and despite the plethora of concept cars that have explored the idea, it is still the only production coupé in the world with concealed doors for easier access to the back seats. Again, how do you top this exceptional design?

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