2009 Mercedes E Class interior

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I don’t know what to say….

This looks horrible to me. I like the current model interior.
This looks like a huge step back. Of at least 20 years.
I am not sure what mercedes is thinking with their recent interiors. But this looks worse than about anything else in the price range.

And everything else for half the price….

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  1. What MB tries to do is to create a new dash design…I think this is an art…you can not always copy the previous design…which I think kind of boring now…look at Acura, CTS, etc…those dashboards/interiors are too common…MB just tries to come up with something different…

  2. Did the designer that worked on the Sebring stay with MB after the DCR divorce? Because this and that new little suv both make me think expensive sebring. It really looks like the work of the same hand.

  3. Every edge is so angular. It seems they are still using those Chrysler designers to design their cars.

    Even the angular look on those old W124s (pre ’95) look a lot classier than this iteration.

    And what is the deal with the circular groupings of the satellite buttons on the wheel? They are so out of place.

  4. I will take 2 Hyundai Genesii (?) for that price. One as a daily driver Hyundai. And one as a Benz-beater for classier events. lol, actually I’ll just take one, and use the rest of the money to go on a few nice vacations.

  5. I like it … looks like they are bringing Bauhaus back. I truly miss the Bauhaus styling of the 80′ and 90’s Mercs. All angular and functional, with an air of sophistication … I thought and still think they are beutiful interiors on the old E and S Classes. When Mercedes went “japanesey” they kinda blew it. I don’t like the present E class (or the GLK for that matter)….. and like a Pepsi and a filet for dinner, japanese styling and German styling just don’t mix well together. It looks like it even has the angular hood over the instruments like the old w124. I love that. With that being said, the steering wheel looks kinda downmarket.

  6. Agree really ugly, but, they are marketing this car to rich 65 and older crowd. This is probably right down their alley.

    The only company pushing interior design is Volvo, especially if their new XC60 is anything like the concept.

  7. i don’t mind it…just the centre stack looks a bit cheap with those air vents and basic looking climate and audio layout…and the wood trim needs to go….

  8. “I will take 2 Hyundai Genesii (?) for that price. One as a daily driver Hyundai.”

    Some of the comments on this board make me laugh. We see a grainy photo with screwed up colour and make all sorts of proclamations. Half of the people who post here live in Mom’s basement the other half live upstairs as they haven’t even graduated from high school yet.
    Do you think the engineering in the Hyundai is going to even come close to the Mercedes? I think not….pretty curves and shiny wood aren’t the only ingredients in a luxury car.

  9. I really miss the late eighties mercedes design language. late nineties to mid 2000 designs were ugly. Even BMW never put ovoid headlamp casings. Good riddance to merc’s old new design theme. Its time they returned to their classic designs. Kudos to them.

  10. I know Vince…What is Mercedes thinking?

    Mercedes has lost it’s sense of eligance and is going for sales to mass-man.

  11. Ain’t it fashionable to apologize for nastiness-in-design from a well known ‘luxury’ manufacturer.

    For some, it’s easy to poke holes at the upcoming Hyundai Genesis but whoa, along comes this ancient eyesore from Mercedes and already I’m reading the convenient ‘apologetic’ excuses to explain why this car is so design challenged.

    The poster above gushes about a love for things 80’s and 90’s so much so that it seems that Mercedes targeted this atrocious design upon us in the 21st Century as punishment for those who love modern designs.

    I’m with the other poster who said he would take the upcoming stylish, clean look of the Hyundai Genesis over this fugulacious design.

    Make mine dark blue with tan leather.

  12. I will use the Burlapp excuse and blame the grainy image before giving full criticism of the car before my very own eyes.

  13. Man…the new Kia Mojave looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy better than this. I understand the photo is grainy, but the overall styling looks like it came from a 1984 k car. I’ve seen photos of a black and white interior, better quality photo, and it still looked bad.

  14. Sorry people. The Kia Mojave is also the Borrego. I think the Mojave name is going to be used in the USA.

  15. I think everything looks fine except for the steering wheel.It looks as if a human were spreading out their legs. what do you think?
    what I do love is the origionality of the interior in general.

  16. When I first saw it I thought, what is the 1985 Mercedes interior pic doing here?
    Wow, and Hyundai with a better looking interior and exterior, then a Mercedes. If that Genesis rides and handles like they say, the germans are in big trouble.

  17. More amd more it looks like Chrysler got their ugly interiors from German cousin.
    Chrysler should be happy they dont have to take orders from Daimler anymore

  18. Korean finally defeats the best from Germany?! Compare to Borrego below, I don’t know which is more expensive or stylish.

  19. Yeah, this mercedes interior does have that vulgar mass-man appeal to it. Mass-man won’t buy a mercedes though except for Douchbag Jones maybe.

  20. it really looks very similar to my old 1987 E-class inside.but I personally find that picture not bad.I like the rectangular,”not curvy” interiors,I find them more stylish and classy than the oval ones everyone is making today.I think that Merc. are going to the direction of the BMW-s recent interiors,which (especially the new 5 series) I find gorgeous.It all depends on the finat touches and the materials they decide to use inside

  21. I agree, this isn’t the best interior benz has come out with but the morons who would even think of comparing it to a crappy hyundai are nuts. I have a mercedes and I bet most of you are just jealous of people who have mercedes and all you can afford is the hyundai so you build it up in your sick little minds.

  22. This is definitly a photoshop trick.Someone has used the old Mercedes interior and added some modern touches like steering etc.Definitly not the all new models interiors.

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