2009 Subaru Forester video

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Your best friend Vince Burlapp brings you the new Forester in the comfort of your own home.

Could life be any better?

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  1. I haven’t sat in a CRV since last year.
    So I’m not sure. This feels a bit more like a car, lower than the CRV. And maybe not as roomy.
    But the big sunroof is really great. Something the CRV should offer.

  2. i am ashamed with the american-market cr-v. in england, you can buy one with a huge dual-pane sunroof, a manual transmission, and 18-inch wheels. in all of honda’s genius, why wouldn’t such items be offered in a country all about image and performance? granted, the thing is almost a truck, but still…honda could have done it but didn’t

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