All new Infiniti FX

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Take off the black tape and there you have it.

At first, this actually looks pretty weird to me.
The current model is such a good looking car, with striking proportions.
This will take some getting used to.
Or maybe, some of us will never get used to it. Especially the weird front end…

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  1. The current model is flawless, except I wish there was better visibility in the rear. Hell, I would even take a look at the new design with the shark eyes for the hell of it.
    I also like the EX 35 very much too for a smaller crossover.
    Good work Nissan, Honda Pilot guys, are you listening?

  2. LOL@PaulBe

    The reason it is US only is because it would be harpooned back in Japan.

    Thanks Nissan, you’ve ruined one of my favorite vehicles.

  3. Hideous… Where i live there is a plethora of fx’s driving around, I even own one. Aside from the fuel economy and poor visibility the car is FLAWLESS.. it will be difficult for Infiniti to match the outgoing FX’s impact..

  4. I was just looking at these pictures again.

    The more I see them the more I think this thing is an abomination. What a mess.
    Look at that front end. No connection between the grille and the lights.

    Such a shame coming from the previous design.

  5. Yeah….this new FX jumps the Infiniti design shark….

    So THAT’S what happens with you stretch out the BMW 5-Series headlights…..till it hurts.

  6. “Frankenstein’s FX: Aztec’s Love Child”

    When I first saw this, I said no, this has to be a chop, but guess what? It isn’t, it’s the real deal.

    Man, how did ugly happen? The current model was such a cool looking car, even if it was hard to get in to the rear doors if your were 6′ plus. That didn’t matter, because for me, this car was always about the cool factor.

    My vote for whop-ass ugly car of the decade!

  7. it kind of looks like what an aggresive subaru would be… and where are the signature l-shaped headlights? i’m not sure how i feel yet…

  8. So so bad. This is just so awfully bad. The current design is very sharp looking and still looks modern looking. , and this is just so not good.

  9. I for one disagree…the hyper-aggressive style is totally working for the new FX and more aptly illustrates its asphalt demeanor….for the whiners who’re crying–and that’ll be everyone else on this blog–be happier with your EX. Leave the FX for the big boys…

    Kudos to Nissan, I’m getting one ASA it comes out.

  10. That vehicle is hideous. The current FX isn’t much better and I don’t see many driving around my area (DC).

  11. this car looks aggressive because it is, it’s not a weak lexus or acura that the new Murano easily handles and outclasses, it’s a monster ready to eat up anything anyone has….period, you will see simple folk

  12. porco dio.

    those headlights.

    that grille.

    even the side glass and the more ‘muted’ flare across the doors.

    those shapes came out of nowhere. they look like applique stickers. they make the car look angry while the current FX looks elegant and purposeful. yes, this machine may be powerful and fast, and have many technological toys. but this looks about as declasse (that’s day-class-ay, people) as a buick rendezvous.

    advertising campaigns be damned. if it doesn’t look good in these shots, it won’t look good on the used car lots in 2015.

    looks like the bmw x5 and the audi q7 are now the beauty queens of the class. vince, post the spy shots of the next lexus rx, or whatever they’re going to call it. it still looks better than this, but pales in comparison to what’s coming up from cadillac.

  13. “it’s a monster ready to eat up anything anyone has”

    More like what the monster crapped out.

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