All new Taurus next year????

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Well… Maybe not “all new”.
But Ford CEO Alan Mulally announced theyre will be a new model for 2009.
He also claims it will be “the one we should have made originally”.

I really don’t see how they could have an all new car ready by next year. Which means it might turn out to be a heavilly revised version of the current one. Like they did with the Escape where the interior and body panels are new, but it really looks almost the same from 30 feet away.
I think the Taurus needs all new proportions to get away from the 80’s Audi look.
But that’s just me.

At least, it’ll be better than nothing….( I hear the “Taurus” sells even less than the previous, ans almost the same, Five Hundred)

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  1. Considering the fact that name change over to Taurus was made during an MCE, it makes perfect sense that an all new one would be following not too long after.

    With the Taurus bombing, the sooner the better to get something better in to the lineup. With the Flex being the first new product with Fields at the helm, I have strong faith the new Taurus will be much better than the existing one.

  2. I heard this news this morning and I was quite surprised myself. Given Ford’s current financial situation and the projected poor outlook for new car sales (ie, for all manufacturers) in 2008 Ford needs to create some positive buzz for 2009 and beyond. Ford’s stock has been pounded downward for months now … I’m sure the top brass at Ford are looking for any good news they can offer up to try to lift the stock price. Unless Ford Engineers have been secretly working on the “new” 2009 Taurus for a couple of years already I can’t see how they could manage anything more than a re-skin of the existing model. Having said all this I really hope Ford has a radical / revolutionary “new” Taurus for sale in 2009 … they’ve got to get back in the game in this segment.

  3. Kill it.

    Kill it now. You’ve already lost the police car, folks. The new “Taurus” should out-cool the Fusion (and by saying that, I don’t mean that the Fusion should be made into a fuddy-duddy just to make the Taurus look better) and outsell the Avalon. In fact, what about the Ford 427 concept? That would make a fabulous Taurus. But this one is probably going to look like a 2000 Mercedes S-Class or something.

    Ford is becoming Hyundai. Oh wait, the Hyundai Genesis is already miles better than the Five Hundredasaurus-Taurus.

  4. This should be so easy. Ford already has the gorgeous new Mondeo in Europe, China and Australia. All they need to do is re-engineer it for American drivers’ tastes (better if they take the bigger Australasian version) and sell it in the US. I’m pretty sure it would sell waaay better than this.

  5. Well it is already on a very good frame, the engine is all new so putting a new skin on it and modernizing the interior shouldn’t be too expensive. New shin and more modern interior could make this one nice car! Lets face it, the styling was 10years old when they released the stupid thing. Fortunately, the designer was sent packing back to europe.

  6. “Dorf Motors doesn’t make anything new. They just re-skin the crap they are selling now.”

    You are so clever! Bravo!

    Did you come up with that one yourself? Did your mom help you with the spelling or were you able to do it all by yourself?

  7. Ford is finito, defunkt, finale, zero, done, no gooden. Mark Fielden vis hees moolett hair cutten is out!

  8. Ford is finito, defunkt, finale, zero, done, no gooden. Mark Fielden vis hees moolett hair cutten is out!

  9. I agree with everyone here. Ford can’t afford to do just a reskin, it MUST be an all new model if they’re going to convince the public, their employees and their shareholders that they’re serious about turning this company around. I hate the name. They should go back to the 500. That aside I’m looking forward to seeing this new car. I just hope it’s not a dissapointment. I to am hoping for all new proportions because if it’s the same dumpy semi-circle placed on top of a dumpy box, then I won’t buy it. If this car improves significantly enough then I would seriously consider buying it. Good luck Ford.

  10. isn’t a reskin all the public needs? if it looks all-new wont’ it be perceived to be brand new? ford’s being weird about their models though – drastic facelifts one year, redesign the next? look at the escape/mariner: major interior/exterior overhaul in 2008, new engines, transimissions in 2009?

    nissan/infiniti had all-new-from-the-ground-up altimas and the G…but they look almost the same as their predecessors from the outside.

  11. Once again they have a brand new engine in it, what engine do you propose they put in it to make it “all new?”

  12. it’ll be an all new exterior and interior based on the Lincoln MKS built in the same place on the same platform. The current engine and tranny are quite good and will probably carry over. The EcoBoost will be an option.

    The REAL question is will it sell well on the same lots as the Fusion? Do people need a big sedan? I just got out of a new sable and was really impressed. If you’re getting a V-6 I could see people picking this easily over the Impala and 300 (with V-6s).

  13. There’s an all-new (not a re-skin) Taurus that is scheduled to debut as a 2010MY car, so by “next year”, he probably means it will come out sometime in 2009 as a 2010. It has been in the works for a while now, and will be a pretty big departure from the Five Hundred. It failed, they get it. Expect better from the next one, and don’t pass judgement until you see it. That would just be prejudicial.

  14. I can’t wait to see the new one. I think Ford learned their lesson on the blah 500 thing. I was just thinking about the deals that will be out there on the current Taurus 3.5l/6 spd auto/AWD when the new Taurus is about to make its debut.

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