Aston Martin Rapide

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Still covered with tape and stuff.
But it’s coming.

So if you have tons of mulah, need 4 doors and don’t want to look too much like a geezer, this (and the Panamera) is it….

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  1. Oh my God this is the car of my dreams. If I ever win the lottery I’ll tell them to send the money directly to Gaydon!
    I’ve seen the Panamera in the metal while testing, and it looks like a soggy toad next to this beauty…

  2. I’d rather look like a geezer and give the tons of moolah to people who need it instead of some rich CEO.

    Still, this is a pretty sedan.

  3. I agree with Shawn: this is probably going to be the best looking four door sedan in the world. Just what the Saudis ordered … and light years better looking than the dreadful (1976-1989) Lagonda.

  4. don’t even mention the Panamera in the same sentence with this car…don’t even mention the Panamera in the same sentence with ANY decent looking sedan…

  5. Yeah so far all the spy shots of the Panamera make it look pretty ugly (in relative terms). Either Porsche are doing a VERY good job of camouflaging it, or it’s looks won’t even hold a candle to the AM Rapide.

  6. I’ve seen other pics of this car. It’s loooooong! It is nice though. Definetly beats the Panamera.

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