Bigger Camaro pictures

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The first of many. GM says the prototypes won’t wear camouflage anymore.

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  1. The Camaro represents, well at least when I was in high school, the bang for the buck muscle car.
    For a few grand more you can get the beefy 135i
    that will outshine this car in every area. Chevy should really sell these for $ 23.500-$28.000 like the old days.

  2. “Oh boy these prototypes have been out so long they are now available in generics.” LOL

    This is the “almost-on-the-market” model which is newer than the “coming-to-the-market” model previously released two years ago.

    We still have to see the photos for the upcoming “we-are-so-close-to-having-this-on-the-market” model.

  3. GM can’t wait to put the car on the road but seems like R&D has not caught up with PR desperation. They showed the car since early 2007 (?), it looks old before it is even produced.

  4. Plenty of showcars have taken a while to go into production. Look at the Nissan GT-R. That car took so long I’m surprised anyone but pot-bellied, middle-aged ricer boy wannabes still cares.

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