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Some french Journalist/Tourist caught this car in Arizona last month.

Noone seems to know what this is. I know I don’t.

Any idea???

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  1. At first I was thinking that it might be another GM flavor of the Pontiac G8.

    Looking at the shape and depth of how far the door skins stick out from the greenhouse makes me wonder if it’s not a Volvo.

    But, if I had to go with my deepest hunch, I suspect it’s the upcoming Acura TL.

  2. maxima? or…to be honest it looks like a volvo shape and volvo headlights, and even the s80 grille…overall. but i feel like its so obvious…what is it?!


  3. I almost want to say it’s the new Maxima or Infiniti Q (looks like a Nissan-ish grill)…but I’m probably wrong.

  4. Hi Vince!! Hope you’re OK. The FIRST car that came to mind when I saw that ‘spyshot’ was the Chrysler Sebring. Chrysler has promised an almost immediate update on the ‘look’ of the Sebring/Avenger. So who knows. Maybe that’s what we’re looking at. Then again – maybe not!!! On second thought – maybe it’s the Avenger. Those DO look like Dodge foglights. Hmmm….
    Craig!! :o)

  5. Quite efficient for a spray painted camouflage…
    I don’t know exactly why but I keep seeing a Nissan/infiniti car underneath. Even though all their models are quite recent.

  6. Given that so many cars tend to look somewhat alike, one guess is just as good as the other. But what’s interesting is there doesn’t seem to be anyone sitting on the left, which would put the driver on the right. So unless the photo is flopped, this is a right-hand drive vehicle.

  7. can’t tell anything beyond the c-pillar, but it has an almost hatchback-like quality to it; front end does look suspiciously like a volvo albeit with a nissan or honda-esque grill

  8. my 2 cents:
    hood aft of grill – scion tc
    headlight presence – infinit m
    headlignt shape – previous is300
    grill – previous gen audi (tt) w/ infiniti arc top
    rear c pillar into rear q panel – volvo

    but most importantly, the timing of the photo… acura TL, no wait… rounded edges would suggest otherwise.


  9. Honestly, this looks like a prototype for the new Volvo S60 or some new Volvo Saloon. The most recognizable feature of a Volvo is the “Shoulder” line that curves out from below the base of the green house and wraps out to be the doors and the side of the body. Few manufacturers use this particular style, except Volvo…therefore, I am in agreement with those that think this is a Volvo prototype.

  10. This absolutely has to be the next Galant. It is time for the new replacement and the front looks like a more sophisticated version of the Lancer. Mitsu could be experimenting with new looks for the rear shape as well.

  11. It’s the next gen Chevy Impala based on the buick lacrosse, but with a chevy front fascia! GMInsidenews.com; check it out. The illustration on the website looks hot! I’d get one.

  12. This is the 2009 Maxima, I know because I am in the drivers seat in the pic. It will be out later this year. Its basically a gtr sedan in style.

  13. i’d put money on maxima. those tails are covered pretty good but i see some black under there. and it has little bit of nissan dumpy butt syndrome.

  14. Nice LED taillights and Maserati Quattroporte rear fenders…

    It’s the Max, eh?

    Hybrid this time FOR GOD’S SAKE?

    I mean come on.

    You could have the world’s first hybrid full-size performance sedan on your hands.

    That is, until Tesla comes along with the Blue Star and White Star that make gasoline cars obsolete except for the poor.

  15. just look at the grille. its the trademark Nissan grille. new US model Maxima. hopefully they will release it her in oz!

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