Buick Riviera Concept

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Yes, it’s the same one we already saw at the Chinese Auto Show.
But GM will show it in Detroit. Does that mean Buick is coming up with a new Coupe?
Maybe. they might even actually use the name Riviera too. Unlike Cadillac and Pontiac, they still use real names for their cars.

Let’s hope there is still some kind of a market for an upscale, luxurious but affordable coupe in the US….

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  1. they could position it to compete with the EOS (even though the EOS is a hardtop convertible) since they both seem to have the entry-level-but-still-luxurious feel about them. and the fact that the EOS ranges from 29K up to 40K. i figure the buick could sell from 25K to 35K.

    vince, i agree with you. i miss real names on cars, especially with acura. the legend still looks great to me when i see them driving around in LA, the coupe especially.

  2. Buick can really comeback into the American forefront, although its truly the only Americn car company that appeals to the geriatric population. They can still do that but they need marketable products to do so. For instance the Enclave is a big hit….and one of the nicest crossovers available. An ideal line up would be for Buick:

    Enclave, SUV

    Reintroduce the Riviera in a production model based from this concept. It should be an upscale luxury coupe.

    Velite, the concept was a beautiful convertible that could have went head to head with the Lexus SC

    Lucerne, should be kept, it does well with seniors and becomes the fullsize car of the brand.

    The LaCrosse should be ex’d. And replaced with a midsize model that can be offered in variants such as sedan, coupe, cuv and possible wagon. A car that could competes with G35, Acura TSX, Lexus IS.A true Volume seller it could easily be an upgraded version of a Saturn Aura since Buick is GM.

    Just a thought!

  3. There is definitely a market for an upscale, luxurious but affordable coupe in the US. Hell, there seems to be a market for just about any type of car out there. Not crazy about the look of this Riviera; it just doesn’t come across as a proper Riviera. A well thought out, properly executed version reminiscent of the classic boat-tailed Rivs of the 70s would do quite well.

  4. Looks good to me. The question for GM is what kind of reach will this car have across the demographic that is needed to support he sales?

    If it were a Caddy I’d say build it.

  5. You will see some of the design elements of this concept in the upcomng Buick Lacross replacement. The next Lacross sedan will be stunning inside and out.

  6. The next Lacross sedan will be stunning inside and out.

    Why isn’t the current LaCrosse stunning inside and out? Why the wait?

  7. Buick riviera comeback should be as strong as ford taurus, ya thats right gm and ford , hang on to the past because you are finished either way. the big toyota machine will swallow you whole

  8. knowing buick/gm, if they actually bother to get this thing to actual production, it will probably use one of those weak v6 found in the current buick which makes half the hp/torque compared to euro/jap engines of same displacement. oh and this thing will probably be FWD or those pseudo AWD that’s pretty much a FWD 99.9% of the time. also forget about the wing door too.

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