Cadillac CTS Coupe

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Although this is still a concept, after talking to the designer, it looks like this is pretty much what we’ll get next year.

Great news because this car looks amazing in person.

Interior is similar to the sedan.

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  1. I’m not crazy about the fastback/short trunk look, but overall it’s still a sharp-looking Caddy. And I’ve read where it’s a real hardtop. That makes the CTS coupe even better.

  2. Vince, I told you when the phoshop pic of the Cadillac CTS Coupe was posted months ago what the real coupe would look like, that it was more than just a two-door sedan. I also said it would bow at the 2008 NAIAS.

    The CTC production version will be similar, the changes will have dual exhausts, and optional panoramic roof. The CTC production model will actually bow in November and the CTC-V model will bow at the 2009 NAIAS. The CTC will have more horsepower than the sedan, that information is disclosed as of now.

    But here’s a lttle tid bit of information of future Line-up and expansion.

    Cadillac BRX – Fall 2008
    Cadillac CTC – Fall 2008

    Cadillac BTS (compact sedan)it will not carry the moniker BLS here.The BTS will come in a wagon form as well. Study models are made already. Summer 2009

    Cadillac FTS (full-size sedan; STS and DTS replacement) the study models have been created for it. The target competitors are the Lexus LS, Mercedes S & E-Class, BMW 7-series look for Concept to bow next year. It will be a Spring 2010 model.

    Cadillac ALR – A small Cadillac roadster version of the Sky/Solstice Kappa platorm is only in talks. Sketches are awesome though.

    Cadillac SRX is not dead stay tuned to the NYAIS 2008. The BRX will not replace the SRX. The SRX will grow in size and has switched to Lambda Platform and will take the platform to a new level of luxury beyond the Buick Enclave. Production date is not set.

    Last but not least, Expect the Escalade name to be dropped. It will be replaced with the ESC, ESV, EXT monikers.

    Will definitely keep you posted.

  3. Most coupes don’t impress me unless they’re convertibles… Maybe I just had enough of the “personal coupe” phase in the 90s. The S5 and the G35 being the only exceptions currently that really stand out. Cadillacs haven’t been beautiful since the sixties and I didn’t think they’d ever be beautiful again and still be functional. But, Oh My God, this thing is a looker! And we know it’s got beauty and brains. Cadillac has really found it’s stride.

  4. Yea looks great. But i can’t even imagine how different the proportions would have to look for it to be production ready. It may not be soo great then.

  5. Good looking indeed. The veritcal taillights are not its forte though. If it weighs 300-400 pounds less than the sedan, it will actually be a great performer too.

  6. Normally I don’t like American cars, but this one does look great, better than any German offer at the moment

  7. BMW, MB, be afraid … be very afraid.

    LOL! Of what? Bizarre proportions, harsh lines and poor visibility?

  8. CTS, CTC, BRX, BTS, FTS, SRX, ESC… I can’t tell which is which any more. Some proper names would be nice..!

  9. Bizarre proportions and harsh lines? Have you ever seen some of BMW and MBs offerings? Poor visibility? Have you ever sat in some of BMW and MBs offerings?

  10. “People are cattle…”

    People are cattle when they buy Camrys, because no matter how much they suck or how ugly they are, people buy them and spend lots of effort rationalizing why. Considering how amazing the last generation 5 series was, you might say that those who bought the current 5 series BMW are also cattle. Conversely, when Cadillacs let their customers down, sales also decline sharply. So while some people are cattle, they’re generally not people who like Cadillacs.

  11. Was’nt that top picture the one used in that car dealership advertisement a couple of weeks ago?

  12. Bizarre proportions and harsh lines? Have you ever seen some of BMW and MBs offerings? Poor visibility? Have you ever sat in some of BMW and MBs offerings?

    Yes. Yes. Yes and yes.

    But I’m glad you like this car. I wish good things for GM in spite of this strange car.

  13. I think it’s beautiful. Stunning actually. But I do think the rear will have to be toned-down to appeal to a larger audience. I think it could probably be done without ruining the integrity of the design.

  14. Fugly. Seriously fugly.

    Slab sides, tiny windows – clumsy oversized detailing.

    You Americans really don’t do subtle, do you…

  15. cattle smack thats what they should call the whole line….. hey did you see that Cadillac sales plumetted last year….yup, their only decent selling car is done too!

  16. Caddy is changing their direction from old geyser mobiles to awesome cars from what I see with the CTS, and BTX. What would make them more BMW/MB/Audi like is if they offer AWD to their models. I can just picture the CTC gliding through the snow now…. after all the G37 gain AWD in the near future.

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