Cadillac Provoq Concept

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Forget the Fuel cell power, the big wheels and some of the trims.
This is pretty much what we’ll see next year as the Cadillac BRX.

It looks fine, but the proportions, and even the interior, remind me too much of the Vue…

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  1. Vince, I wonder if the Vue, Cady and 9-4 are all made in the same plant and if they share they same underpinning. Still sad that the Swedish and American
    icons are not built on their home turf.

  2. Imagine, an alternate fuel vehicle that looks like a real car, not some ridiculous cartoonish clown car. The Provoq is a tad chunky, but overall it looks good, especially the CTS-inspired interior.

  3. I like this overall, nice interior and exterior.

    That steering wheel is horrid, especially for a concept but even for a production vehicle. No luxuary manufacturer should be using cheap looking plastic steering wheels like this.

    Otherwise, I like.

  4. The interior looks a bit cheap (could be the drab colors), but this thing is really nice. I like it when manufactures hide that large nav screen when it isn’t used.

    Build it, Cadillac, and build it right. You’re on a roll.

  5. Can you say cimmaron or catera ??

    they where both flops cause they werent caddies , they were rebadges !! GM will never learn, and i truly hope we dont have weekly press confrences for this like we currently do for the chevy Volt, which is 2 or more years from production..

  6. This does look like it’s a version of the Vue. But I do like it alot. It’ll really be great with the new 2 mode hybrid system from the vue.

  7. Is it me or are the seats in “suvs” getting lower and more car like with each passing year. I remember when people squawked about sitting up higher and better views of the road. Well it seems these things minus the ford explorer america concept all sit like bathtubs.

  8. Funny how GM and Ford are the only ones that get dinged with platform sharing. mmmmmmmm Do people actually think toyota/lexus, honda/acura, nissan/infiniti use different platforms?

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