Chery S16

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Sure it’s weird looking. Really weird.

But I have to admit I admire Chery for actually producing such an “original” design.
The concept they showed a couple of years ago looked like something out of a comic book. And it looks like the production model will look exactly the same.
At least someone are pushing the envelope, and that’s pretty refreshing to see.

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  1. Original design? Hardly. I’ve seen cars that look like this countless times at numerous Tokyo Auto shows.

  2. I agree Vince. It’s odd, but it’s no copy and is in a way very cool and cute. Kudos to Chery for doing something different – the major players are too stoic aymore and we need new blood. Happy New Year, BTW.

  3. Yeah, It’ll play great with a honkin SUV or a semi at about 80 on the freeway. At least the body collectors won’t have to look for the big pieces after the crash — they’ll all be contained in this tin can of a car.

  4. How long have everybody been designing cars..50 years? more? A pretty good headstart. Is there nothing being almost the same between Japanese, American, European and Korean cars? Ask yourself lol.

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