Ford Explorer America Concept

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This is supposed to give us a hint at the next version of the Explorer. which will transform itself into a car based SUV instead of the truck it is now.
The Explorer used to sell more than the Camry a few years ago. No more.
people are tired of truck ride, truck handling and truck gas mileag
But really, with the Escape, Edge, Taurus X and Flex, is there any room left for the Explorer????

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  1. I agree that there is room too. I will never buy a Ford, but, I have to admit that this new design is dsfinitely in the right direction. After Chrysler started the trend, it seems that GM and Ford are catching up with the very..very sophisticated notion that design truly matters, and the looks of the car is the first thing that buyers actually see when they buy their cars…Now it is time to do something a lot more..”sophisticated”
    – phase out plastic hub caps and replace them with good looking real wheels across all models. Higher cost? Definitely yes. Lower cheesy advertising costs? I am sure. A good looking car in the street is worth a lot more than empty words. The net result
    will be on the plus side.

  2. Good to see that we don’t need the chinese people anymore to copy other people designs. This has to be inspired in the current Nissan Pathfinder.

  3. “This has to be inspired in the current Nissan Pathfinder”

    Which was in turn inspired by the current Dodge Durango.

  4. I probably won’t buy a Ford Explorer, but this does look pretty good. What’s with the green hologram on the dash though?

  5. I like the vibe of this concept. Hopefully i’ll be pleasantly surprised when the production model photos hit the internet.

  6. I think this will still sell in large numbers on a unibody. The Expy can be the “real” SUV since it is better suited for it.

    Agreed. It is waaay about time plastic wheel covers died…And rear drum brakes.

  7. Why wouldnt ford keep the explorer nameplate going…’s still the top selling midsize SUV, not in the same numbers as before but still a moneymaker for ford. logical evolution is to move it to a midsize crossover with 3rd row seating ( ie Acadia ). It fits right in line with a lineup of escape, edge, explorer……i think u’ll see the escape evolve into the Kuga concept floating around europe. the taurus x will be long gone before this explorer comes out. i like the look of it. hopefully ford wont tinker with the overall concept when it hits production.

  8. Vince, the Explorer is still the ‘butch’ one out of Ford’s compact and mid-size SUVs. And don’t forget, it is the original one, too. Sorry, but the “Taurus X” should never ever push the Explorer out of the lineup. That would be beyond stupid.

  9. Once they tone it down for production, it won’t look much different than current explorer. Its too square and looks like a Nissan Pathfinder.

  10. It looks bigger than the current model. I don’t like the front grill, it looks out of place and too butchy. it seems this grill is ford’s statement of ‘boldness’ because it is on the new e-series van too.

  11. Very nice looking. Ford still need to get their heads out of their SUV and CUV A##, build some good cars would you ford.
    crown vic-j/k
    fusion, ok but not ever compared to the big 4, malibu, camry, accord and altima
    taurus-well try again

  12. The Explorer will most likely be built on the Taurus X platform in Chicago and my guess would be there will be no more Taurus X after Explorer moves to the crossover bodystyle.

  13. What’s with the green hologram on the dash though? Instead of Eddie Bauer version this is the Harry Potter version.

  14. I think Ford sold 3 Taurus Xs so far one being to my neighbor. The Taurus X is really a good riding car so an Explorer on the Taurus platform will be a good car. The Taurus platform is bigger than the Explorer platform as well. The Expy can remain body-on-frame for those that need to tow big stuff.

  15. This thing is as big as the Taurus X and will come standard with a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder putting out 280 ft.lbs. Funky!

  16. Escape, Edge, Explorer, Taurus X, Expedition.

    If they sold a more stripped down Edge, they can get rid of that Abomination known as the Escape….this is seriously a rarity in my book: If I had to choose between the current and the last model….I’d be for the old one right away! This and the new Tribute seem tin-y (like the tin man)…I haven’t been in the new mariner, but im sure it’s no different.

    I guess it’s necesary for a brand to flood themselves with SUVs because they can charge whatever they want for them and still cater to the needs of 5 whole people.

    I seriously think the best deal in this Ford bunch is the Taurus X. I find the others useless….but more so the Escape.

  17. This looks like a different version of every Ford concept over the past four years. Nothing new, actually old. They’re broke now, so how can they offer another wagon. Too many models, too many choices, too high production and sales costs equals failing in the marketplace.

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